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  1. Inexorable
  2. Somber
  3. Assuage
  4. pat
  5. Acute
  1. a Make (an unpleasent) less intense
  2. b Impossable to stop or prevent
  3. c Simple and somewhat glib or unconvincing.
  4. d Critical serious
  5. e Dark or dull

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  1. Neither parallel nor at right angles/ slanting
  2. The tendancy to derive sexual gratification or general pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering or humiliation on others
  3. Candid and honest
  4. A person or group made to bear the blame for others
  5. A state of being full of eager willingness/enthusiasm

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  1. VileExtremely umpleasent


  2. BlissA low platform for a lectern or throne


  3. ChortleTo express often smug satisfaction by or as if by chuckeling laugh.


  4. SinisterSuggestive of evil or harm


  5. Oxymorongrimly serious or strict, especially in the exercise of discipline.


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