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  1. Idle
  2. Connotation
  3. Governess
  4. Gallivanting
  5. Inexorable
  1. a A woman employed to teach children in a private household
  2. b an idea or feeling which a word invokes in addition to its primary meaning.
  3. c Impossable to stop or prevent
  4. d Doing nothing/ wasting time
  5. e To travel or roam about for pleasure

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  1. A person of low moral standards (ex: a rapist
  2. Like fire, energy, enthusiasm, sparckle
  3. Neither parallel nor at right angles/ slanting
  4. The mature adult/ The happy medium
  5. Persuade (someone) gradually or by flaterry to do something

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  1. SnottyA state of being careless/ with no energy


  2. BowelsThe intestines


  3. AssuageMake (an unpleasent) less intense


  4. BravadoThe acquisition of money through abuse of power


  5. EggheadLike fire, energy, enthusiasm, sparckle