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  1. Depraved
  2. Disheartened
  3. Empathy
  4. Loftily
  5. Wraith
  1. a Cause to lose determination or confidence
  2. b Morally corrupt; perverted
  3. c The state or quality of really enderstanding someone; putting yourself in "someone else's shoes" so that you can fully relate to their situation
  4. d Noble/ elevated
  5. e a ghost or ghostly image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death.

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  1. All over the place/everywhere
  2. A form of plague transmitted by rat fleas and characterized by fever,delirium, and the formation of buboes.
  3. To hit hard
  4. A state of being careless/ with no energy
  5. Of pertaining to, involving, or characterized by platonic love as a striud toward love of spiritual or ideal beauty

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  1. BlasphemerA person who blasphemers or speaks disrespectfully of God or sacred things


  2. EtymologyA two word,or short phrase of opposites


  3. LeprosyA contagious bacterial disease that affects the skin, mucous, membranes and nerves


  4. Sanitariumbe a sign of; indicate


  5. WhimperingProvisional