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  1. Loftily
  2. Loathing
  3. Euphemism
  4. Whimpering
  5. Stole
  1. a A woman's shoulder scarf or fur
  2. b A kinder phrase to replace a rude idea or phrase.
  3. c Feel hatred or disgust for
  4. d Make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear , pain or discontent
  5. e Noble/ elevated

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  1. Having a superior or conceited attitude
  2. A state of being careless/ with no energy
  3. The second stage of freud's psycholoigical stages. In the period of human development at about one to two years of age.Around this age the child begins to toilet train
  4. A jerk, a bad person
  5. Angel/the adult/the authority figure/teacher priest.... acts as the consience.....

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  1. GhoulsA small squalid or poorly constructed dwelling


  2. SmugIrritangly pleased with oneself; self satisfied


  3. ElopementThe act of running away with someone secretly to be married, usually without the consent of one's parents.


  4. IdleDevil/child on you.... Works on the pleasure principle (ID is motivated by pleasure)/ Impulsive/ does not think of consequences


  5. Alliterationan idea or feeling which a word invokes in addition to its primary meaning.