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  1. Pedantic
  2. Fallible
  3. Frenzied
  4. Feeble-minded
  5. Hostility
  1. a Foolish, stupid
  2. b Wildly excited or uncontrolled
  3. c Hostile behavior. Feeling or showing dislike or opposition.
  4. d Capable of making mistakes or being wrong
  5. e a person who is excessively concerned with minor detail or with displaying technical knowledge.

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  1. Neither parallel nor at right angles/ slanting
  2. Provisional
  3. Feel hatred or disgust for
  4. A sign of the future
  5. Morally corrupt; perverted

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  1. WhimperingProvisional


  2. patSimple and somewhat glib or unconvincing.


  3. LoftilyNoble/ elevated


  4. EggheadA very intellectual or studious person


  5. PungentEveryday;ordinary or boring, "of this world ", common