Classical Roots Lesson 3

15 terms by graceface629

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(n.) A system of doctrines put forward by an authority, especially a church, to be absolute truth.


(adj.) 1. Pertaining to dogma.
2. Expressed in authoritative or arrogant manner.
(n.) dogmatism, dogmatist.
(v.) dogmatize


(adj.) Not in agreement with accepted beliefs; holding unorthodox opinions
(n.) heterodoxy
Antonym: orthodox


(n.) a person who believes nothing can be known about the existence of a god.
(adj.) Relating to the belief that the existence of a god is unknowable.
(n.) agnosticism


(n.) The art of judging human character by facial features; facial features when regarded as revealing character.
(adj.) physiognomic, physiognomical
(n.) physiognomist


(n.) A prediction of the outcome of a disease; any forecast or prediction
(adj.) prognostic
(v.) Prognosticate
(n.) Prognostication


(n.) A standard, rule, or test on which a decision or judgement can be made. (criteria = plural)


(n.) Pretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have.
(n.) hypocrite
(adj.) hypocritical


(n.) A general pardon for offenders, especially for political offenses.


(adj.) Relating to or assisting the memory
(n.) A device used in remembering


(adj.) frantic; frenzied


(n.) 1. A severe mental disorder in which a person becomes unable to act or reason in a rational way, often with delusions and withdrawal from a relationship.
2. A situation of extreme conflict between choices, loyalties, or ways of life.
(adj.) schizophrenic


(tr.v) 1. (legal) To call to court to answer charges.
2. To accuse; to charge with wrongdoing


(n.) The reasons underlying something, often presented as a statement (used with for)


(tr.v) To provide a rational basis for something, often by false or self-serving reasoning.
(n.) rationalization, rationalizer

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