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Sleepy Hollow NY

where does the short story take place

Tarry Town NY

what town is the glen where the story takes place close to

Hessian Trooper

name this spirit: an apparition of a figure on horseback without a head, his head was supposedly carried away by a cannonball during the Revolutionary War

to teach

why did Ichabod Crane tarry in Sleepy Hollow

pioneers of the woods and mind

with what type of people did the state of Connecticut supply the union


name this building: a low building with one large room, rudely constructed of logs, windows partially glazed, and partly patched with leaves of old copybooks; its easy to get in, but hard to get out


"spare the rod and spoil the child", means if you don't discipline your kids, they will be spoiled. where did this saying come from?


Ichabod administered justice with ___________________: he gave all punishments to the strong and spared the weak

spare time

what Ichabod did in his _______ _______: being the singing-master, reading, storytelling, visiting the homes of his pupils

houses, weekly

he lodged at ______________ of farmers whose children he instructed; he changed where he stayed __________


Ichabod also did other _____: he assisted farmers, he baled hay, cut wood, mended fences, was the singing teacher


who was the schoolteacher second to in the community

History of New England Witchcraft

what is Ichabod's favorite book

Coton Mathers

who wrote Ichabod's favorite book


the people of Sleepy Hollow could hear Ichabod singing psalm tunes ____________ at night

Katrina Van Tassel

18, plump as a partridge, rosy-cheeked, coquette, famed for her expectations, known for showing off her ankles


Ichabod had a soft and foolish heart towards Katrina, and she soon found favor in his eyes; he __________ her and her father's farm

Brom Bones

Abraham Van Brunt's nickname

Baltus Van Tassel

a thriving, content, liberal-hearted farmer, satisfied but not proud of his wealth, he rarely thought of anything but his farm

Brom Van Brunt

broad-shouldered, double-jointed, short curly black hair, skilled in horsemanship


most important bird in the story


quail, woodpecker, crane, swallows, martins, pigeons, ducks, partridges, geese, turkey, guinea fowl, chanticleer, all of these are used to create imagery, and add ___________ to the story


three mythological figures are mentioned in the story. they are examples of ____________; Hercules, Achilles, Mercury

Ichabod Crane

traveling wight; in Sleepy Hollow as schoolteacher, tall, exceedingly lank with narrow shoulders, long arms and legs, hands that dangled out of his sleeves, looked like a weathercock and crane


the horse Ichabod borrows from Hans Van Ripper; broken-down plow horse that is gaunt, shagged, with a ewe neck and a head like a hammer, "there was more of the lurking devil in him than any filly in the country"


Brom Bones favorite steed, a creature full of mettle and mischief and who no one but Brom Bones can manage, because Brom Bones prefers vicious animals

Hans Van Ripper

a farmer; a choleric old Dutchmen, a furious rider who had lots of spirit and infused part of it in Gunpowder


a reference to a statement, person, place, the arts, history, mythology, politics, sports, religion, an event from literature, or science

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