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  1. strain
  2. neighborhood size
  3. parapatric
  4. migration
  5. senescence
  1. a movement of genes from one population to another
  2. b separated then came together (eliminated barrier)
  3. c number of individuals that individuals can interact with in its lifetime within given radius
  4. d deterioration of physiological function (a point where no longer can reproduce)
  5. e a genetic variation through breeding

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  1. the big population eliminates the small population
  2. bottle-neck effect
  3. manipulating phenotypes through program
  4. leaving one population to another
  5. movement due to randomness

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  1. speciesa population of morphologically similar individuals capable of reproduction


  2. iteroparityprogrammed death; mature, reproduce, die


  3. poissonlive long enough to reproduce then die


  4. complete dominancerecessive is not expressed


  5. natural selectionone particular gene combination is selected against


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