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  1. senescence
  2. poisson
  3. codominance
  4. semelparity
  5. canalization
  1. a live long enough to reproduce then die
  2. b both genes are expressed; get an intermediate
  3. c bottle-neck effect
  4. d deterioration of physiological function (a point where no longer can reproduce)
  5. e programmed death; mature, reproduce, die

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  1. movement due to randomness
  2. depends on frequencies of previous generations
  3. a species that is different in some aspect from one geographical location to another
  4. movement of genes from one population to another
  5. no detectable pattern in dispersion

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  1. mutationchange in the structure of a gene


  2. gene swampingthe big population eliminates the small population


  3. sympatricoverlapping geographic ranges


  4. cohort (dynamic)both genes are expressed; get an intermediate


  5. artificial selectionmanipulating phenotypes through program