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Drugs Test Study Guide.

Tobacco kills... every _____ of every _____ of every _____ 50 people will die of tobacco related problems.

every HOUR of every DAY of every MONTH

List 3 ingredients in tobacco

-Carbon Monoxide

Only 5% of people diagnosed with an oral _____ survive more than ___ years.

an oral CANCER survive more than 5 years.

What are the three organs that are most affected by alcohol?

Heart, Liver, Brain

Cirrhosis is a disease that affects the _______.


Tar from cigarettes affects the _______. (which organ)


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: (define)

A serious condition involving mental retardation and facial cranial malformations in the offspring of an alcoholic mother.

Marijuana is equivalent to:
___ cigarettes worth of CO intake
___ cigarettes worth of tar intake
___ cigarettes worth of cellular damage

5 cigarettes worth of CO intake
4 cigarettes worth of tar intake
10 cigarettes worth of cellular damage

The 3 D's: ________, ________, ________

Depressants, Downers, Drowsiness

Stimulants are known as _________.


What are four stimulants?

cocaine, methaphetamines, ephidrine, caffiene

Acute use = ___________

Short term

Chronic use = ___________

Long term

Binge drinking: ______________________________.

4 or more drinks for a female, and
5 or more drinks for a male at one sitting

Chronic Drinking: ____________________________

Daily or almost daily alcohol consumption (60 drinks per month)

Short-term effects of drinking: Slower __________ time.


Long-term effects of drinking: _________ shrink (body part that helps with strength)

MUSCLES shrink

Legal blood alcohol level in the state of Utah is: _________ (decimal)


Legal drinking age in the United States is _______ (years old)


Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (physical characteristics)

-(nose) Flat
-(lip) Upper Lip Thin
-(ears) Placed Lower on head

Blood Alcohol Levels are affected by what two things? __________ and ___________


Ecstasy causes the body to overheat, this is also known as _________________.


OTC (define)

Medicines that are safe enough to be taken without written order from a physician.

Prescription (define)

Medicines that can only be sold with a written order from a physician.

Addiction (define)

A physical or psychological need for a drug.

Abuse (define)

The physical, emotional, or mental mistreatment of a substance.

Dose (define)

A quantity of medicine prescribed to be taken at one time.


Something that provides a positive alternative other than drug use.

What are two reasons why people start smoking?
____________ and ___________


How many chemicals are found in cigarettes?

over 4000

What are the 5 forms of ways that tobacco is used?


Second-hand Smoke: (define)

Beathing air that has been contaminated by cigarette smoke

Side-stream Smoke: (define)

Smoke coming from the burning tip of a cigarette

Main-stream Smoke: (define)

Smoke the smoker exhales.

Passive Smoker: (define)

Non-smoker who breathes second-hand smoke

Withdrawal: (define)

Unpleasant symptoms that occur when someone stops using an addictive substance.

Dependence: (define)

The body and mind feeling that it needs a drug

Chronic bronchitis affects the _______ in the lungs.


Emphysema affects the air ______ in the lungs.


Physical symptoms of smoking: ___________, __________, ___________, ____________

Heart attack, Stroke, Lung cancer, Emphysema

What does the "H.E.L.P." stand for?

Healthful, Ethical, Legal, Parent Approval

How you say NO is ___________.


By not doing drugs, it will help you to stay (referring to your health) __________.


Pressure Situation: (define)

Any situation where your values could be in question.

Use "___" statements to avoid being targeted or bullied.

"I" statements

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