15 terms

Ch 5 key terms

minor party
this type of party is successful when its issues are taken by a major party
political party
a group of people joined together on the basis of common principles, who seek to control government and public policy
pluralistic society
consisting of several distinct cultures and groups
major parties
the dominant political parties in the United States
split-ticket voting
casting ballots for candidates from different parties for different offices in the same election
splinter parties
parties that have broken off from one of the major parties
the greatest number of votes cast for a single office
the people eligible to vote in any given election
the two major parties acting together and cooperating when making decisions
two-party system
Because the United States has a ____, the only candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning an election are either Republicans or Democrats
economic protest parties
Parties that want to express their discontent with the major parties and current economy are known as ____.
one-party system
In dictatorships, the ____ could more realistically be called a "no-party" system.
Congress and the State legislatures are often organized on party lines and conduct much of their business based on ____.
single-issue parties
____ seek to cause a change on one public policy matter
A ____ is a union of many people of diverse interests who have joined together.