Standard 10 Part 1

22 terms by lexiewright

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attraction between unlike molecules


flowering plant; bears its seeds within a layer of tissue that protects the seed


flower structure in which haploid male gametophytes are produced


a tropical plant that usually lives in the air

capillary action

tendency of water to rise in a thin tube


innermost part of a flower that produces the female gametophytes


in gymnosperms, a seed-bearing structure


seed leaf in a plant embryo

cross pollination

when pollen is transferred from an anther on one plant to the stigma on another. this method may produce a variety of hybrids


angiosperm whose seeds have two cotyledons

fibrous roots

part of a root system in which roots branch to such an extent that no single root grows larger than the rest


a long, thin structure that supports an anther


seed-bearing structure of an angiosperm


thick wall of tissue surrounding an angiosperm seed


early growth stage of a plant embryo


use of a stem as a scion.


tendency of a plant to grow in direction in response to the force of gravity


seed plant that bears its seeds directly on the surfaces of cones


angiosperm whose seeds have one cotyledon

nonvascular plants

plant that absorbs water and other substances directly thorugh its cells


in plants, a flower structure that contains one or more ovules from which female gametophytes are produced


brightly colored structure just inside the sepals; attracts insects and other pollinators to a flower

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