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Back muscle spasms

caused by direct blow - back cramps


pain down and out from pressure on spinal cord - slight movement of spinal fluid from disc


outside bulging of the disc


ruptured disc - barely coming out


ruptured and leaking out into epidural space


aciatic nerve is compressed - numb, tingling, burning back of the knee


overcurve in lower back - weak muscles, poor posture,(ant)


overcurve upper back - humpback weak muscles poor posture


fx in either L4 or L5 vertebrae


sliding b/c of lack of fusion in L4 and L5


lateral spine curvature - disproportional muscles (poster)

SI Joint problems

pressure causes pain at PSIS - but not a spinal injury (sacroliliac)

spinal stenosis

compression of spinal cord - disc problem (no muscles)

wryneck (acute torticollis)

stiff neck - sleeping wrong

brachial plexus stretch

tramuma and compression, neck - arms numb and pain

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