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gather existing info: job descriptions, task inventories, and training manuals.

interviewing SMEs are people who are knowledgeable about the job and include job incumbents, supervisors, customers, and upper-level management.
(obtain information about the job itself rather than about the person doing the job.)
interview in groups or individual:
1. Prepare for the interview by announcing the job analysis to the employees
well in advance by selecting a quiet and private interview location.
2. Open the interview by establishing rapport, putting the worker at ease, and
explaining the purpose of the interview.
3. Conduct the interview by asking open-ended questions, using easyto-understand vocabulary, and allowing sufficient time for the employee to
talk and answer questions. Avoid being condescending and disagreeing with the incumbent.

comittee: committee-based approach, a committee of SMEs meets to brainstorm the
major duties involved in a job. Once this has been done, the committee identifies
the tasks (work-related activities) that must be completed for each of the duties.

Ammerman technique
1. Convene a panel of experts that includes representatives from all levels of the
2. Have the panel identify the objectives and standards that are to be met by the
ideal incumbent.
3. Have the panel list the specific behaviors necessary for each objective or
standard to be attained.
4. Have the panel identify which of the behaviors from step 3 are"critical"to
reaching the objective.
5. Have the panel rank-order the objectives on the basis of importance.

Observing Incumbents (useful job analysis methods, especially when used in conjunction with other methods

Job Participation.