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Medical Coding 390 - 459 Diseases of the Circulatory System 4th ICD-9-CM

428 Heart Failure is

heart's inability to properly pump

3 heart failure effects:

Fluid collects in lungs, inhibiting gas exchange, Kidney blood doesn't filter well, circulation suffers

congestive heart failure


systolic/diastolic/both heart failure

428.2 / 428.3 / 428.4

Heart failure chest xray remarks:

batwing, butterfly, hilar congestion, bronchial edema, Kerley B lines, heart enlargement


measures amt of blood pumped each beat

SSS 427.81

Sick sinus syndrome, pacemaker

WPW 426.7

Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, catheter ablation

Atrioventricular AV heart blocks

426.1x three degrees

Sinus tachycardia 427.89

heart rate over 90 bpm

Cardiac Arrest 427.5

cause unknown, or code cause first

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