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Asthma paradox

Unexplained increase in asthma related deathsbdespite advances in treatment of disease

Side effects beta 2


Maintenance drug

Salmeterol Serevent

Pro drug

bitolterol Tornalate converts to colterol to make active





isoproterenol Isuprel

Shorter duration due to COMT breakdown catecholamine

Has Synthetic Used for upper airway swelling

Racemic Epinepherine

Micronephrin Vaporefin

Racemic epinepherine trade names


Saligenin class

pirbuterol Maxair



MaintenanCe drug

Saligenin class maintenance drug

salmeterol Serevent

levalbuterol Xopenex

Saligenin class



Metrapel Alputent metraproterenol

Rescorinol class


Brethine Brethaire Bricanyl

Rescorinol class

terbutaline what class


Tornalate Bitolterol

dopamine Intropin

Used to treat cardiac arrest

Stimulation of beta 2

Inhibits inflammatory mediator release,and degranulation of mast cells

Heat air light

Catecholamines are inactivated by


Catecholamines may cause sputum to be


Rescorinol agents don't have .... And .... Inactivation

Resorcinol agents

Have a longer duration up to six hours

terbutaline albuterol

Non catecholamine with greatest B2 selectivity

Sub q epinepherine epinepherine

Which drug has a rapid onset short duration for immediate bronchodilators

10-20 mcg

What is the optimum serum level for max bronchodilation in adults of a xanthine (second or third line agents)

Tea caffenine

Are second or third line agents used tobtreat COPD

Xanthines or methyl xanthines

Relax muscles given through IV


Which has less side effects Atrovent or atropine


Which are more tent to bronchodilator in bronchitis emphysema

Iratropium bromide and albuterol

Which mixed drug is muscarinic and B2 and available in MDI form

tiotropium bromide Spiriva

Which quarternary is considered maintenance drug and causes dry mouth

Atrovent ipatropium bromide

Which muscarinic Quartenary is preferred becausebit does not cross blood brain barrier or lipid membranes

Ipratropium bromide Atrovent and Spiriva tiotropium bromide

Two drugsvQuaternary subclass


Dosent distribute thru body when inhaled

Tertiary small dose

Minor slow hr

Lg dose Tertiary class will

Increase hr

Tertiary treats

Bradycardia during cardiac arrest

Tertiary class atropine Dey dose

Reduces mucous clearance,blocks hyper secretions,relax airway smooth muscle


Dietary has a ....effect with each dose

Cross blood brain barrier

Tertiary ammonium compounds are distributed throughout the body and " cause CNS changes

Basal tone

Parasympathetic branch maintains..... ...... In bronchial smooth muscle


Cystic fibrosis,bronchitis,asthma,bronchiectasis,emphysema

isoetharine Bronkosol

Used pre and post asthma study to prevent bronchospasm from other inhaled drugs

racemic epinephrine Micronephrine Vaponephrine

Catecholamine Synthetic drug used in cases of stridor or upper airway swelling


Used as cardiac stimulant has fast onset with short duration

Isoproterenol isoetharine racemic epinepherine


biolterol Tornalate

Converts to colterol to make active

Rescorinol agents

Can be taken orally and won't be broken down used for maintenance therapy due to long duration


Relaxes Vascular smooth muscle uterine

Treats asthma copd


Maintenance drug stimulate CNS

Xanthine theophylline theobromine aminophylline

Combivent and Duoneb

Becomes muscarinic and B2 is receptor site

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