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Questions to help study for Photoshop CS5 ACA Test

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A Range of colors that a color set displays
Color Gamut
Seeing what an image will look like when output by a different device
Soft Proof
Refers to the way colors are converted from one system to another
rendering Intent
A variant of a color model that has a specific range of colors
Color Space
The four things you need to select when saving a new preset for a new document.
Mode, Bit Depth, Resolution, Pixel Aspect Ratio
The four options for working space in the color settings dialot box.
Apple RGB, Dot Gain 20%, Color MatchRGB, sRGBIED61966-2.1
When saving for web and devices and you need a transparent background, this is the best option
PNG-128 Dithered
The two most important aspects to consider when making images for video.
Video use, video distribution
1. Apply the unsharp mask filers
2. Before adjusting be sure that nothing is selected in the image
3. On the RGB levels histogram, drag the right slider left to the point where the lighest colors in the image begin
Standard proceedures when globally adjusting color balance and tonal range using levels
Related to the design principle of balance
Symmetry and horizontal
The best format for designing a logo - also vector images are made up of lines and curves
Vector Images
Images made of a map of pixels (when you render, you make it a bitmap image)
Bitmap Images
Most common file types when saving for the web
Converting an image to a smart object allows for non-destructive editing of the image. (creating smart objects allows you to add filters without changing the actual layer)
Smart Objects
A docterine that allows limited use of copyrighted material without gaining permission (examples are for news reporting, teaching, critisim)
Fair Use
Intellectual property who's rights are expired. Think really old stuff and there is no one who holds a copyright on it anymore - like Shakespear.
Public Domain
are based on preexisting works and are copyrightable with the addition of sufficient originality. However, the original owner holds the right to create derivative works.
Derivative works
Three things that should always be decided in each step of the Project Plan
Owners, Due Date, Estimate Hours
Two ways to make non-destructive changes to the image
Smart Object, Adjustment Layers
When something is copyrightable (Copyright is in place when something is in fixed form)
In Fixed Form
Two ways to use color as a graphic design element
Unify Layout, Show Hierachy
File Size, Dimensions, and File Optimization
What three things have to be considered before you upload to the web
zoom takes a portion of the image and enlarges it electronically; the image quality is reduced since digital zoom enlarges the same set of pixels without adding detail
digital zoom
zoom that physically increases the length of the lens, essentially creating a magnifying glass; produces a higher-quality image
Optical Zoom
The color mode that is used with monitors and shows colors by mixing reds, blues, and greens
The color mode used by printers. Mixes cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
Makes things lighter (a color correction tool)
Dodge Tool
Makes things darker (a color correction tool)
Burn Tool
Nondestructive method of adjusting colors
Adjustment layers
A way to fix overexposure in an image
Levels Adjustment