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  1. Plants
  2. Plankton
  3. Limpets
  4. Pond ecosystem
  5. Omnivore
  1. a Small animals that eat seaweed
  2. b An animal that eats both plants and animals
  3. c Uses the sun's energy to make food
  4. d Many kinds of microscopic plants or one-celled algae that use the Sun's energy to make food
  5. e The first link in any food chain

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  1. In a food chain, as an organism gets further from the producer, the amount of energy available ?
  2. Include one-celled organisms such as algae, amoebas, yeast and bacteria
  3. Plants use carbon dioxide gas from the air and water in soil to make food in the form of sugar
  4. The first link in some ocean food chains
  5. A small fish eats algae. A big fish eats the small fish. This describes a ?

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  1. CellAny animal that is hunted for food by a predator


  2. Matter and EnergyEnter the food chain through plants


  3. OmnivoreGreat horned owl


  4. HerbivoreAn animal that eats only other animals


  5. PlanktonForms an invisible film over all of Earth's oceans