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  1. Prey
  2. Pond ecosystem
  3. Plankton
  4. Without bacteria
  1. a Form the beginning of an ocean food chain
  2. b A rabbit
  3. c You would not be able to digest food
  4. d Tiny plants and plantlike organisms are the producers

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  1. Include one-celled organisms such as algae, amoebas, yeast and bacteria
  2. Shows the path of food energy in an ecosystem from plants to animals
  3. Forms an invisible film over all of Earth's oceans
  4. Plant eating organism
  5. Can carry out all of the same life processes as a plant or animal made of many cells

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  1. CarnivoreGreat horned owl


  2. PlantsMicroorganisms that live in water and form the beginning of most ocean food chains


  3. PlanktonMicroorganisms that float in water


  4. ConsumerThe first link in any food chain


  5. CarnivoreAn animal that eats only plants