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  1. Food chains
  2. Plankton
  3. Herbivore
  4. Predator
  1. a An animal that hunts other animals for food
  2. b Produces most of the oxygen on Earth
  3. c Are different in different ecosystems
  4. d Might eat grass

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  1. Takes place in a plants leaves
  2. Animals are
  3. Is smaller than the prey population
  4. At least one plant or animal from each food chain is part of another food chain
  5. Forms an invisible film over all of Earth's oceans

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  1. PhotosynthesisDepend on each other for food, but they also compete with each other


  2. CellA rabbit


  3. Food webGrass-insect-skunk-hawk


  4. PreyA rabbit


  5. SeaweedThe first link in some ocean food chains