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  1. Bacteria
  2. Plankton
  3. Without bacteria
  1. a You would not be able to digest food
  2. b Form the beginning of an ocean food chain
  3. c Breaks down dead plants and animals into nutrients that living things can use

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  1. In a food chain, as an organism gets further from the producer, the amount of energy available ?
  2. In most ecosystems, the ? are green plants
  3. A fox
  4. Plants are
  5. A small fish eats algae. A big fish eats the small fish. This describes a ?

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  1. Pond ecosystemUses the sun's energy to make food


  2. Without bacteriaLives in your body and helps you digest food


  3. Food chainShows the path of food energy in an ecosystem from plants to animals


  4. ConsumerAnimals are


  5. HerbivoreAn animal that eats only plants


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