Early English Colonies

John White
Artist who helped start Roanoke. He sailed back to England for supplies, and when he returned Roanoke had vanished.
The Lost Colony in North Carolina--no one knows what happened.
Virginia Dare
John White's granddaughter and the first English person to be born in America.
The word found by John White when he returned to Roanoke. It could mean the Croatoan Native Americans or the Croatoan Island.
Richard Hakluyt
English geographer that encouraged England to start colonies in America.
Sir Walter Raleigh
A soldier and adventurer who sponsored the colony of Roanoke by himself.
Joint Stock Company
When more than one investor pools their money into a project.
Virginia Company of London and Plymouth
Joint Stock Companies set up to start English colonies in America.
First permanent English colony--it was settled on the coast of Virginia.
John Smith
"If you don't work, you don't eat."
Native American Tribe that Jamestown struggled with. Sometimes they helped and sometimes they battled.
Indentured Servants
Men and women who paid for their voyage to America with years of labor.
House of Burgesses
First representative government in America
John Rolfe
Developed high-grade tobacco that England wanted. This helped Jamestown survive.
He also married Pocahontas
Peace maker between the Powhattan and Jamestown
Nathaniel Bacon
Freed Indentured Servant who fought against governor of Jamestown for equal rights for the the poor (other newly freed indentured servants).
King Philip
also known as Metacom
Chief of the Wamponoag
Fought and died in war against the Puritans
Anne Hutchinson
Believed you could worship without church, minister or Bible.
Was thrown out of Puritan village and moved to Rhode Island.
Roger Williams
Minister who was thrown out of Puritan village because he didn't like forced church attendance.
Founded the first Baptist church in America and the colony of Rhode Island.
Peter Stuyvesant
Governor of New Netherlands.
Duke of York
Brother to King Charles.
Took over New Netherlands and changed it to New York.
William Penn
Quaker who founded Pennsylvania
James Oglethorpe
Founder of Georgia.
Created it as a Debtor's Colony
Famous pirate who smuggled goods from colonists
Eliza Lucas
Introduced indigo as a plantation crop
William Byrd II
Famous plantation owner
Mayflower Compact
Document the Pilgrims signed stating that all would follow the rules for the good of the colony.
New England Way
All work and no play
Great Migration
Huge number of Puritans moving around the world.
Many settled in the New World.
Group of colonists who wanted to separate from the Church of England and start a whole new church.
Group of colonists who wanted to fix/reform/renew the Church of England.
Group of colonists who believed in peace and harmony with everyone
Royal Colony
When a colony is funded by the King or Queen
Sole-Proprietor Colony
When a colony is funded by one person
Stono Rebellion
Fight between slaves and plantation owners that caused stricter rules for future slaves
Subsistence Farming
Growing just enough for your family to use.
Cash Crops
Growing enough to sell at market
Plantation Farming
Growing so much that you need many laborers
Wavering or hesitating
to really like something a lot
stated, but not proven
facial expression
to lie about someone
rage or anger
to step in and plead for someone
to forgive