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  1. Main source of Energy and structural purposes.
  2. Small units that can join together with other small units to form polymers.
  3. Macromolecules containing hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, and phosphorus.
  4. Proteins are polymers of molecules.
  5. Large compound formed from combinations of many monomers.
  6. They store and transmit hereditary or genetic info.

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  1. ProteinsLarge and varied goup of biological molecules that are generally not soluble in water. Mostly from carbon and hydrogen atoms.


  2. What is the function of Lipids?Carry out chemical reactions, transport small molecules in and out of cells, and fight diseases.


  3. MonosaccharidesSingle sugar molecules.


  4. NucleotidesConsist of 3 parts; a 5-Carbon sugar, a phosphate group, and a nitrogenous base.


  5. What are the of organic compounds?Carbohydrates, Lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins.