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Philadelphia Quakers
The world's first anti-slavery society was founded by the...
the fledgling idealism of the Founding Fathers was sacrificed to political expediency. a fight over slavery would be bad
The Founding Fathers failed to eliminate slavery because...
worse of financially at the end of the shooting than at the start
The economic status of the average American at the end of the Revolutionary War was...
Regulate commerce or enforce its tax-collection program
The Articles of Confederation left Congress unable to...
were openly unfriendly to the new republic
After the Revolutionary War, both Britain and Spain...
the fact that impoverished back country farmers, many of them Revolutionary War veterans
Shay's Rebellion was provoked by...
"for the sole and express purpose of" revising the Articles of Confederation. IT WAS NOT TO MAKE THE CONSTITUTION
The Constitutional Convention was called to...
Alexander Hamilton. The rest were in France or something.
Which famous Founding Fatehr was present at the Constitutional Convention?
James Madison
Which convention delegate was called the "father of the Constitution"?
REpresentation in both houses of a bicamaeral Congress should be based on population.
The 'large-estate' plan put forward at the Convention was based on what?
The larger states were conceded representation by population in the House of Representatoves and the smaller states were appeased by equal representation in the Senate
The Great Compromise at the Constitutional Convention worked out an acceptable plan for what?
Electoral College
Under the Constitution, the president of hte United States was to be elected by a majority vote of the
"three-fifths compromise"
The Constitutional Convention addressed the North-South controversy over slavery through the
Was the continuation of the foreign slave trade a Constitutional compromise?
House of Representatives
The one branch of the government elected directly by the people is the...
The new constitution did no provide for the creation of a(n)...
draw up a bill of rights
One of hte first jobs facing the new government formed under the Constitution was to...
Was the "Right of all Citizens to Vote" guarenteed by the Bill of Rights?
wealthier groups
Alexander Hamiltion's Financial program for the economic development of the United States favored...
organized oppoisition to the government - especially a democratic government - based on populart consent - seemed tainted with disloyalty. Oppostition to the government affronted the spirit of national unity that the glorious cause of the revolution had inspired.
The Founding Fathers had not envisioned the existence of permanent political parties because they...
Pinckney's Treat of 1795
The United States acquired free navigation of the Mississippi River in...
"Permanent and entangling alliances"
What did Washington warn against in his 1796 farewell address?
The 1796 presidential campaign focused heavily on...
Jay's Treaty
Foreign relations between the US and France broke down in the late 1970s over
punish and silence federalist opposition
The main purpose of the Alien and Sedition Acts was to...
Freedom of speech and the freedom of the press (First Amendment)
What did the Sedition Act threaten
Supreme Court
According to the Federalists, the duty of judging the unconstitutionality of legislation passed by Congress lay with...
best people available
Federalists advocated rule by what kind of people
more power was in the state government.
Thomas Jefferson favored a political system in which..
continuing slavery
Thomas Jefferson argued that a landless class of voters could be avoided in part by