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22 terms

French II Unit 4#1

le pére
the father
la mére
the mother
le frére
the brother
la soeur
the sister
le fils
the son
la fille
the daughter
le grand-pére
the grandfather
la grand-mére
the grandmother
the uncle
la tante
the aunt
le cousin
the cousin (m.)
la cousine
the cousin (f.)
le neveux
the nephew
la niéce
the niece
le mari
the husband
la femme
the wife
le beau-pére
the father-in-law, the step-dad
la belle-mére
the mother-in-law, the step-mom
le demi-frére
the step-brother, the half-brother
la demie-soeur
the step sister, the half sister
le chien
the dog
le chat
the cat