Literary Terms II

19 terms by gustagoose

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Lyric poem

short poem uttered by a single speaker


a poetic device of comparison of two things without using a direct comparison (like or as)


a pattern of accented and unaccented syllables to create rhythm


a metric line that contains 8 feet of patterned syllables


a poetic device describing words that sound like what they mean


juxtapostion of two words which when considered separately are contradictory but form a complete unit of thought


a statement that seems contradictory, yet may be interpreted in a way that makes sense


a poem expressing the supposed peace and simplicity of rural life in an idealized setting


a poetic device which assigns human characteristics to a non-human thing


a play on words that seem similar in sound but have diverse meanings


a four line stanza


recognizable patterns of stresses or accents in a stream of speech or line of poetry


a poetic device whereby two unlike things are compared using "like or as"


a lyric poem consisting of a single stanza of fourteen iambic pentameter lines liked by an intricate rhyme scheme


a group of lines in a poem that are somehow connected either by idea or form


anything which signifies something else


lines of poetry


expression of a literary speaker's attitude to his listener; mood


a persuasive authorial presence throughout a work of literature

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