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Chemistry chapter 10


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Compound that has a specific number of water molecules bound to its atoms
Percent composition
Percent by mass of each element in a compound
Molar mass
mass is grams of one mole of any pure substance
Empirical formula
Formula of a compound with the smallest whole-number mole ratio of the elements
Molecular formula
Specifies the actual number of atoms of each element in one molecule of a compound
Molar mass
The ----- of carbon is equal to carbons atomic mass and has units g/mol
One mole of water contains 6.02x10'23 molecules of water
Si unit of molar mass
One mole silicon has mass of 28.086g and carbon has mass of 12.011. What is mass of mole of silicon carbride?
Sodium bromide dihydrate
Avogadro's number
Relationship between mole Avogadro's number and molar mass
Mole is a name for a number which is 6.02x10'23 which is Avogadro's number. Mass in grams of this amount (1mole) equals the molar mass EX) 1 mole of sulfur atom. Atoms = 6.02x10'23. Mass=32g. Which is the molar mass