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A pacifist is someone who __________ violence in all its forms.


If you are not doing well in a particular subject, you may want to __________ your way of studying it.


Blinding snowstorms __________ the barren landmass of Antartica for months on end.


Few figures in history or literature are as severely tested by fortune's __________ as Job in the Old Testament.


A great many people lost their fortunes and even their lives in the __________ brought by the French Revolution.


No one would expect a tiny studio apartment to have particularly __________ closets.


Sulfuric acid is one of the most __________ substances known to chemistry.


It is a jury's job to __________ the truth by carefully evaluating all the evidence presented at trial.


The paintings of animals and human hands in Spain's Altamira caves are among the oldest __________ specimens of Stone Age Art.


The suspects never stood trial because there was no solid evidence to __________ them in the daring series of robberies.


Jewels and other objects once __________ with Egypt's pharaohs can now be seen in numerous museums all over the world.


When it came to drilling troops, the Revolutionary War general Baron Friedrich von Steuben was something of a __________ .


Vaccinations can do much to __________ the dangers of childhood illnesses.


Many a writer has been labeled a __________ for refusing to conform to society's conventions.


__________ senators from the President's own party joined the opposition to defeat the bill.


Stalin eliminated many potential rivals by accusing them of all sorts of __________ acts that they did not commit.


The atmosphere in the locker room of the losing team could best be described as __________ .


Many laws prohibit the types of __________ working conditions found in sweatshops.


Letter and diary entries may reveal a person's life long struggle to gain some control over __________ emotions.


Relief agencie regularly make __________ appeals for aid for victims of war, terrorism, and natural disasters.


The task of summarizing the __________ reports issued by government agencies may fall to members of a legislator's staff.


The senator agreed to __________ opposition to the proposal bill if some of its more controversial provisions were substantially modified.

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