Tuck Everlasting: Chapters 1 - 5

"It wandered along in curves and easy angles, swayed off and up in a pleasant tangent to the top of a small hill..."

What does the word tangent mean?

What is this sentence describing?
tangent (n): a change of course

This sentence is describing the road to Treegap.
"It widened and seemed to pause, suggesting tranquil bovine picnics: slow chewing and thoughtful contemplation of the infinite."

What do the words tranquil, bovine, and contemplation mean?
tranquil (adj): calm; free from disturbance

bovine (adj): relating to a cow or ox

contemplation (n): reflective thought; the act of thinking deeply about something
"And all at once the sun was uncomfortably hot, the dust oppressive, and the meager grass along its edges somewhat ragged..."

What do the words oppressive and meager mean?
oppressive (adj): causing depression or discomfort

meager (adj): thin; scarce
"It belonged to the Fosters, the owners of the touch-me-not cottage, and was therefore private property in spite of the fact that it lay outside the fence and was perfectly accessible."

What does the word accessible mean?
accessible (adj): easy to get to or reach
"Tuck rolled over and made a rueful face at her."

What does the word rueful mean?
rueful (adj): sad, sorrowful, mournful
"At noon of that same day in the first week of August, Winnie Foster sat on the bristly grass..."

What does the word bristly mean?
bristly (adj): having a stiff and prickly texture
"It was the only living thing in sight except for a stationary cloud of hysterical gnats suspended in the hear above the road."

What does the word stationary mean?
stationary (adj): not moving
"...the toad continued to squat and grimace..."

What does the word grimace mean?
grimace (n): a twisted expression on a person's face, typically expressing disgust
"Possibly it felt resentful. Or perhaps it was only asleep."

What does the word resentful mean?

What creature are these sentences describing?
resentful (adj): feeling bitter about being treated unfairly

These sentences are describing the toad.
"She paused and peered anxiously at the toad to see how it would receive this staggering idea, but it showed no signs of interest."

What does staggering mean?

What idea is this sentence talking about?
staggering (adj): causing great astonishment or amazement

The idea is Winnie's idea to run away.
"...but his suit was a jaunty yellow that seemed to glow a little in the fading light."

What does the word jaunty mean?

Who is this sentence describing?
jaunty (adj): lively; cheerful

This sentence is describing the man in the yellow suit (the stranger).
"But at the same time he had a kind of grace, like a well-handled marionette."

What is a marionette?

Does this sentence contain personification, a simile, or a metaphor?
marionette (n): a puppet worked above by strings

This sentence contains a simile. It is comparing the man in the yellow suit to a marionette.
"Indeed, he seemed almost to hang suspended there in the twilight."

What does the word twilight mean?
twilight (n): the period between daylight and darkness
"And why shouldn't I be fit?" she retored, peering at him through the fading light.

What does the word retorted mean?

Who is speaking in this sentence?
retorted (v): answered in a sharp or angry manner

Winnie's grandmother is speaking to the man in the yellow suit.
"Still, it was galling, this having to admit she was afraid."

What does the word galling mean?

What is Winnie afraid about? (page 23)
galling (adj): irritating, humiliating

Winnie is afraid about running away into the "dangerous" world.
"She did not allow herself to consider the idea that making a difference in the world might require a bolder venture."

What does the word venture mean?

Why does Winnie want to run away?
venture (n): a risky or daring journey

Winnie wants to run away because she feels trapped at home. She is tired of being told what to do. She wants to be out in the open and make up her own mind.
"He was thin and sunburned, this wonderful boy, with a thick mop of curly brown hair, and he wore his battered trousers and loose, grubby shirt with as much self-assurance as if they were silk and satin."

What does self-assurance mean?

Who is being described in these sentences?
self-assurance (n): confidence in one's own ability or character

Jesse Tuck is being described in these sentences.
"She stepped back and sat down primly a short distance from him. 'How old are you, anyway?' she asked, squinting at him."

What does primly mean?

Who is speaking in this sentence?
primly (adv): in a proper, sometimes prissy manner

Winnie is speaking in this sentence.
"Her hand flew to her bosom, grasping at the old brooch that fastend her shawl, and her face went bleak. 'Well, boys...here it is. The worst is happening at last.'"

What do the words brooch and bleak means?

Who in the story is wearing a brooch?
brooch (n): a pin; an ornament fastened to clothing

bleak (adj): dreary; gloomy

Mae Tuck wears a brooch.