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  1. Practical capacity
  2. Capital budgeting
  3. Budget
  4. Long-range plans
  5. Goal congruence
  1. a Consistency between the goals of the firm, its subunits, and its employees.
  2. b A detailed plan for the acquisition and use of financial and other resources over specified period of time - typically a fiscal year.
  3. c Identifies required actions over a 5 to 10 year period to attain the firm's strategic goal(s).
  4. d The measure of capacity used to estimate cost-driver rates under ABC and TDABC systems.
  5. e A process for evaluating, selecting, and financing long-term projects

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  1. The process of projecting continuing operations and projects and then reflecting their financial impact.
  2. A budgeting approach that incorporates continuous improvement expectations in the budget.
  3. Provides a constant planning horizon with the use of regularly updated forecasts.
  4. Shows the physical amount and cost of planned purchases of direct materials.
  5. A result on non-value-adding actions taken by managers to improve indicated performance.

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  1. Merchandise purchases budgetShows the physical amount and cost of planned purchases of direct materials.


  2. Production budgetPlans for all phases of operations and include production, purchasing, personnel, and marketing budgets.


  3. Budgetary slackThe "cushion" managers intentionally build into budgets to help ensure success in meeting the budget.


  4. Financial budgetsIdentify sources and uses of funds for budgeted operations and capital expenditures


  5. Relative performance contractsAn incentive compensation plan whereby compensation is a function of actual performance compared to a fixed (budgeted) target.


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