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  1. Capital budgeting
  2. Cash budget
  3. Relative performance contracts
  4. Long-range plans
  5. Operating budgets
  1. a Reward managers for performance based on comparison of actual results with specified benchmarks not budgeted targets.
  2. b Depicts effects on cash of all budgeted activities.
  3. c Plans for all phases of operations and include production, purchasing, personnel, and marketing budgets.
  4. d A process for evaluating, selecting, and financing long-term projects
  5. e Identifies required actions over a 5 to 10 year period to attain the firm's strategic goal(s).

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  1. An organization's operating and financing plan for the upcoming period; it translates short-term objectives into action steps
  2. A budgeting process that requires managers to prepare budgets from a zero base.
  3. The "cushion" managers intentionally build into budgets to help ensure success in meeting the budget.
  4. A result on non-value-adding actions taken by managers to improve indicated performance.
  5. Shows expected sales in units at their expected selling prices.

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  1. Direct materials usage budgetShows the amount and budgeted cost of direct material required for production


  2. BudgetThe process of projecting continuing operations and projects and then reflecting their financial impact.


  3. Activity-based budgeting (ABB)A budgeting process based on activities and cost drivers of operations.


  4. Strategic budget expendituresPlanned spending on projects and initiatives that lead to long-term value and competetive advantage.


  5. Time-driven activity-based
    budgeting (TDABB)
    A budgeting process based on activities and cost drivers of operations.