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Esta es una lista que contiene una lista de todas las expresiones idiomáticas estudiadas.

estar hasta el gorro

to be fed up

estarhasta la coronilla

to be fed up as well

estar hasta el copete

to be drunk

un clavo saca otro clavo

one problem/one love affair overshadows another

ser codo

to be stingy, not generous

tener leche

to have luck, to be lucky

tener mala sangre

to be bad-tempered

verla peluda

to have a rough time

salir de Guatemala para meterse en Guatepeor

to get out of a bad situation/moment to just enter a worst one

salir hasta en la sopa

to see the same person or thing everywhere

un rabo verde

a dirty old man who likes young girls

¿Qué onda?

what's up?

ponerse las pilas

to recharge your batteries / to get more energy to accomplish something

por chiripa

by luck


Go away!, Get lost!


half- half


mucho, a lot


a word that replaces a bad word in Spanish

un matasanos

a funny way to call a doctor

estar de malas pulgas

to be in a bad mood

serruchar el piso

to backstab

doblar el codo

to drink alcohol a lot

echar de menos

to miss

hierba mala, nunca muere

you can't get rid of a bad person because bad things don't die

pegársele la cobija

literally, the blankets stuck to you: to wake up late

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