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Things During and After the Great Depression

the ________helped restore public confidence in the safety of the nation's bank.
The New Deal program that provided public jobs for many of those in needing relief was called?
Photographer Dorothea Lange's most famous subjects in the 1930s were?
The rural poor
Why did President Roosevelt declare a "Bank Holiday" on his second day in office?
He wanted to stop the run on banks/healthiest financial institution
what was the most important result of the Emergency Banking Act?
Banks responded with government assurances that they were sound financial footing.
what did Senator Huey P. Long, father Charles Coughling & Dr. Francis Townsend have in common?
They were outspoken critics of the New Deal.
what was one basic purpose shared by the Emergency Banking Act, the glass-steagal act, & president Roosevelt's fireside chats?
to increase public confidence
civilian conservation corporation was formed to address the problem of ______
unemployment among young men
During the Hundred Days, why was a program approved to pay farms not to grow crops?
to raise demand & drive up prices
what were 3 main goals of the New Deal?
relief, recovery, & reforms
the Indian Reorganization Act reserved previous policies by ______
recognizing the tribe as the key unit of social organization in Native American society.
how did president Roosevelt philosophy differ from Herbert Hoovers?
Roosevelt believed that in times of crisis, it was acceptable for government to aid people directly.
How did Eleanor Roosevelt transform the role of First Lady?
she gathered information for president Roosevelt, traveled, wrote, & attacked social problems.
who was the republican canadate in the 1936 president election?
Alf Landon
among the gains that labor made in the 1930s was the right to_______
Collective Bargaining/TVA
a centerpiece of the second new deal was the______
social security
what was one effect or the new deal?
the New Deal offered a more active & construction role for government
president Roosevelt embraced the theories or John Maynard Keynes because Keynes________
explained how deficit spending could stimulate the economy
in 1937, what misstep caused president Roosevelt to lose the support of some with his own party & that of many in the general public?
his attempt to pack the supreme court with judges friendly to his policies. people thought it was unconstitutional.
in 1935 which body struck significant blows to the New Deal's attempt to bring change to the economy?
Supreme Court
The Fair Labor Standards Act established what?
Minimum Wage
who gave government officials the power to examine each bank?
Emergency Banking Act
In 1937 the nation experienced another sudden & alarming drop in the ________
stock market
During the election of 1936 republicans attacked president Roosevelt's New deal for____________
being bureaucratic & creating a planned economy.
President Roosevelt appointed African Americans to key positions_______
African Americans left republican party
what reason best explains why nearly 80 million Americans spent money to go to the movies each week during the 1930s?
to escape from their problems.