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  1. Commonly used tests (in assessment of auditory skills in children)
  2. Candidacy for auditory therapy
  3. Suprasegmental features
  4. Duration of individual speech sounds
  5. Greatest amount of speech energy occurs
  1. a at frequencies below 1000 Hz, attributed largely to the fundamental frequency of the adult human voice
  2. b -range from 30-300 msec
    -vowels generally longer than consonants
    -overall rate of speech varies considerably from speaker to speaker
  3. c -WIPI
  4. d -most common use of auditory based therapy is for children with prelingual sensorineural hearing loss
    -in recent times, with cochlear implant recipients, for both children and adults
  5. e features of speech that are superimposed on phonemes and words

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  1. our ability to communicate verbally depends on the quality of our speech perception (suprasegmental and segmental features)
  2. -relies primarily on analytic approach to facilitate improved speech production
    -incorporates speechreading into a combined auditory-visual approach
    -allows for intense drill to occur for a select number of consonants during a relatively short therapy session
  3. -guide for clinicians in evaluating and developing auditory skills in children with severe to profound hearing loss
    -contains goals and objectives associated with 4 levels of speech perception
    -sound detection
    -vowel and consonant perception
    -connected speech
  4. same or different sound
  5. -learning to maximize the use of auditory and other related cues available for the perception of speech
    -adjustment and orientation to facilitate the optimum use of amplification, cochlear implant or tactile device

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  1. Development of Auditory Skills-newborns possess a functional auditory system that is capable of perceiving auditory stimuli at 20 weeks gestation. Auditory processing skills continue to develop and refine following birth
    -rapid emergence of auditory skills is crucial for the development of speech processing skills and the emergence of speech/language


  2. Average speech intensity when measured at a distance of 1 meterformal and informal
    -monosyllabic word lists
    -perception of consonants
    -tests which employ sentence like stimuli wwith speech babble
    -ability to perceive connected discourse
    -introducing competing noise to a test situation
    -use of visual cues (bisensory-using hearing and visual together) to evaluate integrative skills


  3. Overall spectrum of speechabout 25 dB HL


  4. Memoryretain verbal information, combine speech units to derive meaning


  5. Attentionfocus on the message