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Chemistry Unit 4 Vocabulary - Part 1

Chemical Bonding Vocabulary Words
Energy Levels
The possible energies that electrons in an atom can have.
Electron Orbitals
Volumes of space surrounding the atomic nucleus where electrons are likely to be found.
Electron Configuration
The arrangement of electrons in an atom.
Orbital Diagram
A diagram that shows where the electrons are orbiting the nucleus of an atom. A pictorial view showing the electron structure of an atom.
Lewis Dot Structure
The representation of atoms, ions, and molecules where valence-electron dots surround each atom's symbol.
Quantum Numbers
Numbers that specify the properties of atomic orbitals and their electrons.
Metallic Bond
A bond formed by the attraction between positively charged metal ions and the electrons around them.
Electrostatic Forces
Forces of attraction binding oppositely charged ions together.
Dispersion Forces
Attractions between molecules caused by the electron motion on one molecule affecting the electron motion on the other through electrical forces. These are the weakest interactions between molecules.
VSEPR Theory
Theory that states that repulsion between the sets of valence level electrons surrounding an atom causes these sets to be oriented as far apart as possible.