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Houghton Mifflin History Social Science Lessons 1-5


A group of people and animals that travel together


A place ruled by a king or queen


Someone who buy and sells goods to earn money


The use of scientific knowledge and tools to do things better and more rapidly


Money left over after all thee expenses have been paid


The science of planning and controlling the direction of the ship


A cruel system in which people are bought and sold and made to work without pay


A navigation tool that measures the height of the sun or a star against the horizon


A small community of people living in a new place


An outbreak of a disease that spreads quickly and affects many people


To sail completely around something


A journey to achieve something


Many nations or territories ruled by a single group or leader


Spanish word for conqueror, a soldier


A territory ruled by another country


A religious community where priests taught Christianity


A large farm or ranch, often with its own church and village

Before 1500 most people in Europe , Africa and Asia did not know that the ________ existed.


_____ _______ spent 16 years working for the king of China.

Marco Polo

_____ ______ brought a giraffe from Africa back to China.

Zheng He

Europeans learned about the compass and gunpowder from the ______.


The ___ _____ meant ideas could spread faster.

Printing press

New ____ tools meant new sea routes could be explored.


The European and American trade

From Europe: Cattle, horses, pigs, bananas, sheep, and coffee beans

From Americas: Corn, tomato, potato, squash, peanuts, and cacao (chocolate)

Cause: Cortes met many people that were enemies of the Aztecs.

Effect: Cortes convinced them to join him to ____ the Aztecs.


Cause: Cortes had armor, guns and horses. The Aztecs did not.

Effect: _____ defeated the _______ and claimed the land for Spain.

1.Cortes 2.Aztecs

Pedro Menendez de Aviles

Started St. Augustine in Florida in 1565

Junipero Serrra

Founded missions on the coast of California in 1769

Don Jaun de Onate

Started a settlement at Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1598


Goes north and south


Goes east and west

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