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Bessie Smith is a...


Louis Armstrong is a...


Langston Hughes is a...


Claude McKay is a...

author- "Home to Harlem"

Paul Robeson is a...


Rose McClendon is a...


George Gershwin composed...

Rhapsody in Blue

Well known Harlem jazz club that attracted some of the best jazz musicians

Cotton Club


music combining a verety of musical styles; originated with African American musicians in New Orleans and gained national popularity in 20's


music that grew out of slave music and religious spirituals

Bessie Smith

known for her song, "Down Hearted Blues"; sold more than 500,000 copies in 1923

Louis Armstrong

New Orleans jazz musician

Bix Biederbecke

was a cornetist and pianist

Duke Ellington

most famous jazz musician of the era

Langston Hughes

African American poet that wrote, "I, too"

Harlem Renaissance

period of great African American artistic accomplishments that began in the 1920's in the Harlem neighborhood of N.Y. City

Paul Robeson

praised for his role in "Emperor Jones"

Rose McClendon

African American actress known for her role in "Deep River"

James Weldon Johnson

Published "The Book of American Negro Poetry"

Ernest Hemingway

wrote "A farewell to Arms"

Lost Generation

a group of writers whose works reflected the horrors of death and destruction of WW1 and critized consumerism and superficiality of post war society

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Wrote "Great Gatsby" (1925) and "This Side of Paradise")1920)

Alfred Stieglitz

helped popularize photography; photographed people, airplanes, skyscrapers, and crowded streets

Diego Rivera

One member of the big three (los tres grandes); mexican muralist the focused his work on workers' problems and industrial development in America (Detroit Industry)

Sinclair Lewis

wrote "Main Street" and "Babbit"

Edward Hopper

painted "Manhattan Bridge Loop" and "Early Sunday Morning"

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