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Muscles and bones

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circulatory system
organs pumping blood through your body.
nervous system
includes the brain and spinal chord
digestive system
the system that makes food absorbable into the body
integumentary system
the skin and its appendages
respiratory system
takes in oxygen and eliminates carbon dioxide
skeletel/muscular system
system that gives strength and shape of your body
excretory system
removes waste
endocrine system
system of which hormones regulate the body
reproductive system
system that decides what sex you are (boy or girl)
muscle tissue
tissue that has the ability to contract or move
connective tissue
tissue that unites and supports your body parts
nervous tissue
tissue that sends a message from the brain to a body part.
the smallest unit of life
a group of similar cells that perform a specific function
different tissues that work together
organ system
different organs that work together
the whole or complete living thing
# muscles in the body (roughly)
smooth, cardiac, and skeletel
the three types of muscle
smooth and cardiac
involuntary muscles
connects muscle to bone
cardiac muscle
the muscular tissue of the heart
firm whitish connective tissue that is important to other joints
connective tissue
tissue that connects and separates tissues and organs
when a normal part of the body is disturbed.
epithelial tissue
tissue that forms a protective surface or lining for the body
a crack or break of a bone
Haversian Canal
any minute tube that forms a network in bone containing blood vessels
a point were two bones are fitted together
fibrous connective tissue that holds together two bones or joints
a soft fatty substance in cavities of bones that make blood cells
muscle tissue
a contracting tissue that allows movement
nerve tissue
tissue composed of neurons
a part of an organism that has one vital function
organ system
group of organs that work together to perform a certain task
a dense layer of connective tissue covering bones except the joint
skeletal muscle
a well organized body tissue
smooth muscle
involuntary non-straited muscle
wrench or twist of a ligament
flexible chord of fibrous collagen tissue attaching muscle to bone
distinct material of which animals and plants are made
each of the series of small bones of which the backbone is made