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To get a complete weather briefing for the flight, the pilot should request

A standard Briefing

When telephoning a weather briefing facility for preflight weather information, Pilots should state?

The aircraft identification or the pilot's name

When requesting weather information for the following morning, a pilot should request?

An Outlook briefing

Ceiling is defined as the height above the surface of the

Lowest broken or overcast layer or vertical visibility into an obscuration.

Base and tops of overcast layer are reported as?
Ua/Ov kokc 1800/FL120/TP BE90/SK BKN018-TOP055/OV072 TOP089/CLR ABV/TA M7/WV 08021/TB LGT 055-072IC LGT-MOD RIME 072-089


To determine general forecast weather condidtions over several states the pilot should refer to?

Aviation Area Forecasts


What do the clear sky's become?

05113Z 051212 14008KT 5SM BR BKN030 TEMPO 1316 1 1/2 SM BR FM1600 18010KT P6SM SKC BECMG 2224 20013G20KT 4 SM SHRA OVC020 PROB40 0006 2 SM TSRA OVC008CB BECMG 0608 21015KT P6SM SCT040=

Overcast at 2,000 feet during the forecast period between 2224zulu and 2400zulu

What value does the Weather Depiction chart offer a pilot?

Determining general weather conditions on which to base flight planning.

What service should a pilot normally expect from an En Route Flight Advisory service?

Actual weather information and thunderstorms along the route

How should contact be made with an EFAS station? What service should be expected?

Call Flight Watch on 122.0, Information regarding actual weather and thunderstorm activity along proposed route.

What wind is forecast for 9000 feet?
example 2332

230 degrees true at 32 knots

When Light and Variable is used in a Winds Aloft Forecast, the coded group and windspeed is?

9900 feet and less than 5 knots

How are Significant Weather Prognostic Charts best used by a pilot?

For determining areas to avoid as in freezing levels or turbulance.

What information is found in a Convective Sigmet?

Tornadoes, embedded thunderstorms, hail 3/4 or greater

Airmets are advisories of significant weather phenomena, but are lower class than Sigmets and are for who to use?

All pilots

Which in flight advisory would contain information on severe icing not associated with thunderstorms.


What is indicated when a current Convective Sigmet is forecasting thunderstorms

Thunderstorms obscured by massive cloud layers

Every physical process of weather is accompanied by or is the result of?

Heat exchange

Easily recognized discontinuities across a front is?

Temperature change

What conditions are necessary for the formation of thunderstorms.

High humidity, lifting force, and unstable conditions

Which weather phenomenon is always associated with a thunderstorm?


In which environment is aircraft structural ice most likely to have the highest accumulation rate?

Freezing rain

Crests of standing mountain waves may be marked by stationary lens shaped clouds known as?

Standing lenticular Clouds

When may hazardous wind shear be expected?

In areas of low level temperature inversion, frontal zones, clear turblulence.

If the temp/dew point spread is small and decreasing and the temp is 62 Fahrenheit what type of weather is most likely to develop?

Fog or low clouds

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