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What are Peep Toes?

The toe comes out beneath the dress to show flirtacious behavior.

What's Moliere's primary influence?

Comedia del arte

Why was the French Renaissance so late?

Too many civil wars in the past.

What was the main theme of Tartuffe?

Religious hypocrisy; his reason for writing this play include selling indulgences and corrupt priests using their power for personal gain.

What was La Comedie Francaise?

French National theater that is still around today. Fully subsidized by the French government.

Salle Des Mchines

Louis built it so he could fly in on a big cloud

What is the major Genre of the 18th century developed in this era.

Sentimental Comedies

What is the final theme of sentimental comedies


What was the Bibiena family famous for?

They are famous scene painters; they paint scenery. They use mutipoint perspective techniques.

What is significant about 18th century acting?

Focuses on oratory skills.

What is David Garrick famous for?

English actor manager responsible for banishing spectators from the stage, longer rehearsals, and based characters off of real people. Actors in his company were fined for disobeying his rules.


Established the basic rules for watching a play (like not talking) and the stage curtain.

Why was Amadeus banned in several countries?

The central character was a servant. It is a comic opera

What were some technological advances made in the 19th century that changed plays?

Electricity - lighting instruments
The Italian Box Set )three walls with the 4th wall removed).
Costumes that are historically accurate.

When did Minstrel shows begin to become more popular?

Post civl war america.

What does Mr. Interlocutor mean and what does he do?

A questioner who asks questions.

Double Act

Basis for comic banter

Mr. Bones and Mr. Tambo

Major players in the Minstrel Line famous for their comic banter.

Who was the first black performer in the Ziegfeld follies. He is famous for singing this song.

Bert Williams and would sing "Mr. Nobody"


Good vs. Evil. Good always triumphs.

How did the Subways contribute to the expansions of Broadway?

Tourism. People would get down to Broadway easily because of the subways.

Plays that have the basis of Charles Darwin's "Orgin of Species"

Streetcar Named Desire; Stanley prevails.
Cat on a Hot Tin Room

Play which encompasses

Cherry Orchard by Chekov

Play famous to encompass Sigmund Freud's "interpretation of dreams"

Cat on a hot Tin Roof

End to Absolutism

An Experiment with an airpump. Is sexual contact ethical. Moral relativity comes into focus.

What is moral ambiguity?

Do the means justify the end?

Draws a parallel between the Russian Revolution and a Cherry Orchard

Chekhov's Cherry Orchard

How did Long Day's Journey Into Night get published?

His wife published it after he died. He has no melodrama at all. Honesty of emotion.

Who founded the Moscow Art Theater to produce more realistic plays?

Konstantin Stanislavski & Namirovich Danchenko

Who was the director at project at 1891?

Orson Welles

Pro labor pro union musical which congress thought were communist

The Cradle Will Rock

Means to agitate and propagandize.


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