Objective Test 1

36 terms by GMDiaz

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a category of data-such as a file name, a page number, or the current date-that can be inserted into a document.


a set of characters with the same design and shape

font style

bold, italic, or underline emphasis added to text


reserved area for text, graphics, and fields that displays at the bottom of each page in a document

formatting mark

a character that displays on the screen, but does not print, indicating where the Enter key, the Spacebar, and the Tab key were preseed; also called nonprinting characters


reserved area for the text, graphics, and fields that displays at the top of each page in a document.

keyboard shortcut

a combination of keys on the keyboard, usually using the Ctrl key, the Shift key, or the Alt key, that provides a quick way to activate a command

Manual Page break

forces a page to end, and places subsequent text at the top of the next page

non printing character

a character that displays on the screen, but does not print, indicating where the Enter key, the Spacebar, and the Tab key were pressed; also called formatting marks.

Point (s)

measurement of the size of a font; each point is 1/72 of an inch.

text wrapping

The manner in which text displays around an object

word wrap

automatically moves text from the right edge of a paragraph to the beginning of the next line as necessary to fit within the margins.

bulleted lists

a list of items with each item introduced by a symbol such as a small circle or check mark

double spacing

the equivalent of a blank line of text displayed between each line of text in a paragraph

first line indent

the location of the beginning of the first line of a paragraph to the left edge of the remainder of the paragraph

hanging indent

the first line of a paragraph extends to the left of the rest of the paragraph

format painter

a command that copies formatting from one selection of text to another

horizontal alignment

the orientation of the left or right edges of the paragraph- for example, flush with the left or right margins


the position of paragraph lines in relation to the page margins


paragraph text is aligned flush with both the left margin and the right margin

line spacing

the vertical distance between lines of text in a paragraph

manual line break

moves the remainder of the paragraph following the insertion point to a new line while keeping the text in the same paragraph.


the space between the text and the top, bottom, left and right edges of the paper when you print the document.

paragraph spacing

the vertical distance above and below each paragraph

single spacing

no extra space is added between lines of text in a paragraph.


a symbol to the left of a paragraph mark that indicates which paragraph the picture is associated with.

dot leader

a series of evenly spaced dots that precede a tab stop.


a series of characters that form a solid, dashed, or dotted line that fills the space preceding a tab stop.

leader character

a character such as a dash or a dot that is repeated to fill the space preceding a tab stop.


the action of moving an object in small increments by using the directional arrow keys.

sizing handle

a small square or circle at the corner or side of a selected object that is dragged to increase or decrease the size of the object.

tab stop

a specific location on a line of text, marked on the Word ruler, to which you can move the insertion point by pressing the Tab key; used to align and indent text.


text or numbers displayed in a row and column format to make the information easier to read and understand

column break

an applied column end that forces the text following the break to the top of the next column but does not automatically create a new page


a portion of a document that can be formatted differently from the rest of the document.

section break

marks the end of one section and the beginning of another section.

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