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Which of the following is a characteristic of hyphate fungi (fungi featuring hyphae)?

D. They are adapted for rapid directional growth to new food sources.

Which of the following cells or structures are associated with asexual reproduction in fungi?

D. conidiophores

What is the primary role of a mushrooms underground mycelium?

A. absorbing nutrients

The vegetative (nutritionally active) bodies of most fungi are

E. A, B, and C

In septate fungi, what structures allow cytoplasmic streaming to distribute needed nutrients, synthesized compounds, and organelles throughout the hyphae?

B. pores in cross walls

In both lichens and mycorrhizae, what does the fungal partner provide to its photosynthetic partner?

D. water and minerals

If all fungi in an environment that perform decomposition were to suddenly die, then which group of organisms should benefit most, due to the fact that their fungal competitors have been removed?

C. prokaryotes

Zygosporangia are to zygomycetes as basidia are to

E. club fungi

Arrange the following from largest to smallest:
1. ascospore
2. ascocarp
3. ascomycete
4. ascus

B. 3-2-4-1

Members of this phylum form arbuscular mycorrhizae:

D. Glomeromycota

Members of this phylum produce two kinds of haploid spores, one kind being asexually produced conidia:

B. Ascomycota

A biologist is trying to classify a newly discovered fungus on the basis of the following characteristics: filamentous appearance, reproduction by asexual spores, no apparent sexual phase, and parasitism of woody plants. If asked for advice, to which group would you assign this new species?

A. Deuteromycota

The gray-black, filamentous, haploid mycelium growing on bread is most likely what kind of organism?

E. zygomycete

Which of the following do all fungi have in common?

D. absorption of nutrients

Which of the following vary tremendously from each other in morphology and belong to several fungal phyla?

A. lichens

This phylum contains organisms that most closely resemble the common ancestor of fungi and animals:

E. Chytridiomycota

Which has the least affiliation with all of the others?

C. lichens

Which of the following statements is true of deuteromycetes?

C. They are the group of fungi that have, at present, no known sexual stage.

Among sac fungi, which of these correctly distinguishes ascospores from conidia?

C. ascospores have undergone genetic recombination during their production, conidia have not

The multicellular condition of animals and fungi seems to have arisen

B. by convergent evolution.

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