VPP Book4- Lesson 10

15 terms by acob16

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n. a tip or payment in addition to regular wages
syn: fringe benefit; perk; benefit


adj. indirect; roundabout
syn: roundabout; meandering
ant: direct; straight


v. to walk about; to stroll
syn: saunter; wander


n. a chief butler or assistant


adj. lazy
syn: torpid; idle; lethargic
ant: industrious; busy; productive


v. to plunder and pillage
syn: pilfer; ransack; ravage
ant: enhance


n. unnecessarily wordy or evasive language
syn: discursiveness; indirectness; evasion
ant: conciseness; brevity


n. generosity
syn: magnanimity; munificence
ant: stinginess


adj. relating to controversy or argument
syn: controversial; contentious
ant: indisputable; agreeable


adj. emitting light
syn: glowing; radiant
ant: dim; dark


adj. indicated but not expressed; implied silently
syn: hinted; suggested; unspoken
ant: explicit; frank


adj. timid
syn: bashful; sheepish; reticent
ant: bold; confident; courageous


n. a thin, attractive layer that conceals something common or course
syn: disguise; gloss; facade


n. integrity; respectability
syn: rectitude; decency; trustworthiness
ant: wickedness; impiety


adj. impossible to defend or justify
syn: groundless; unsupported; indefensible
ant: sound; irrefutable

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