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surface along which rocks move when they pass their elastic limit and break


vibrations produced when rocks break along a fault

normal fault

break in rock caused by tension forces, where rock above the fault surface moves down relative to the rock below the fault surface

reverse fault

break in rock caused by compression forces, where rock above the fault surface moves upward relative to the rock below the fault surface

strike-slip fault

break in rock caused by shear forces, where rocks move past each other without much vertical movement

seismic wave

wave generated by an earthquake


in an earthquake, the point below Earth's surface where energy is released in the form of seismic waves


point on Earth's surface directly above an earthquake's focus


instrument used to register earthquake waves and record the time that each arrived


opening in Earth's surface that erupts sulfurous gases, ash, and lava; can form at Earth's plate boundaries, where plates move apart or together, and at hot spots


steep-walled depression around a volcano's vent


opening where magma is forced up and flows out onto Earth's surface as lava, forming a volcano

hot spot

the result of an unusually hot area at the boundary between Earth's mantle and core that forms volcanoes when melted rock is forced upward and breaks through the crust


largest intrusive igneous rock body that forms when magma being forced upward toward Earth's crust cools slowly and solidifies underground


igneous rock feature formed when magma is squeezed into a vertical crack that cuts across rock layers and hardens underground


igneous rock feature formed when magma is squeezed into a horizontal crack between layers of rock and hardens underground

volcanic neck

solid igneous core of a volcano left behind after the softer cone has been eroded


large, circular-shaped opening formed when the top of a volcano collapses


dome shaped igneous intrusion that is smaller than a batholith

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