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Gov. Semester Review

the percentage of hispanic americans in the united states has over taken that of african americans because
b. the number of both groups has grown, but the number of hispanic americans has grown more.
which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe the surpreme court decision in Brown v. Board of education of topeka?
c. it quickly brought about integration of schools in this country.
the civil rights act of 1964
a. outlaws discrimination in public accommodations and hiring practices.
which of the following statements about sovereign states is NOT true?
c. a country or city is considered sovereign becuase it is subordinate to a larger form of government.
which qualification for house moembers is NOT in the constitution?
c. must live in the district being represented.
minor parties have contributed MOST to united states politics by
a. causing major parties to adopt their ideas
which of the following is true of the house of representatives?
d. every state is represented by at least one member.
each of the four methods of formal amendment
b. demonstrates the principle of federalism.
the least number of presidential electors a state can have is
c. three
a one-party system
c. exists in nearly all dictatorships today.
who has the power to propose constitutional amendments?
c. congress.
all of the following are differences between the house of representatives and the senate EXCEPT
c. method of election
which of the following is a way that presidential disability is determined?
a. the vice president and majority of the cabinet inform congress in writting.
which has recieved the most limited 1st amendment protection?
a. radio and television.
senators are elected to serve
d. six-year terms.
under the consitution, congress has the sole power to
c. declare war.
which of the following is mentioned by the constitution and its amendments?
a. succession of vice president to presidency.
a person ca nbecome a citizen of the united states by all of the following EXCEPT
d. illegally crossing the mexican border into texas.
the two-party system developed in the united states mainly because
b. conflicts about the constitution created opposing viewpoints.
which of the following groups has tended to support the democratic party in recent decades?
c. union members
in the past, woman have been denied which of the following?
d. all of the above.
if an incumbent president is seeking another term in office, who will his party likely nominate?
b. the president.
which of the following is among the purposes of government outlined in the preamble to the constitution?
d. all of the above.
which of the following statements about civil rights is NOT true?
d. rights are extended only to citizens.
which of the following best describes the concept of limited government?
c. government must operate within certain bounds set by the people.
all of the following are implied powers of congress EXCEPT the power to
d. censor radio and TV programs.
the framers of the constitution called for the president to be elected by
c. a body of electors.
which of the following is a qualification for senators?
c. must have been a citizen for at least nine years.
an amnesty program was established by the immigration and remorf act of 1986 to address which of the following problems?
a. undocumented aliens had troubled and divided many groups.
one criticism of the formal amendment process is that
d. state legislatures, rather than convention delegates elected by the people. often ratify amendments.
the 10 amendments known as the bill of rights were originally intended as restrictions against
c. the new national government.
in a democracy, the will of the majority
d. cannot be used to derive rights to a member of a minority group.
the number of senate seats hels by each state is
d. fixed by the constitution.
the functions of the major parties in the united states politics include
d. all of the above
which of the following is the subject of constitutional amendment?
d. all of the above.
which of the following statements about prior restraints is TRUE?
c. the supreme court has only rarely upheld prior restraints
which of the following statements about commercial speech is TRUE?
d. commercial speech is protected by the 1st and 14th amendments.
which of the following constutional changes was a result of pary practices?
a. the use of the electoral college as a "rubber stamp" for the popular vote.
the regular period of time during which congress conducts its business is called a
b. session
the commerce clause entitles congress to
b. regulate airline routes in new egland.
which factor does NOT add to the decentralizaton of both major parties?
d. the president heads one of the major parties.
which statement about the bill of rights is NOT true?
b. the amendments were ratified at th same time as th econstitution.
for what purpose does the constitution give congress the power t oregulate bankruptcy?
b. to establish uniform procedures for dealing with insolvent debtors.
all treaties must be approved by two-thirds vote of
a. the senate.
the president's power to veto an act of congress is an example of
c. checks and balances.
during the nomination process, politcal battles are most likely to occur in
b. presidential primaries in the party out of power.
which statement about the senate is true?
a. it has two members from each state.
the main argument in favor of limiting the president to a singlr 6-year term is that it would
c. free the president from the demands of a second-term campaign.
in order to bring charges against the president or vice president for misconduct in office, the house of representatives is given
b. the power to impeach.
compensation for senators is
d. the same as for the representatives.
a person may do as he or she chooses in this country
c. as long as that person does not infringe on the rights of others.
few mwmbers of congress today
a. are minorities.
which of the following is NOT true of the constitution?
c. it has not been changed in 50 years.
government has the right to make reasonable rules regulating assemblies
b. to protect agaisnt the inciting of violence or th endamgerment of life.
the individual 50 states lack which basic charateristic of a state?
b. sovereignty
which part f the constitution declares that person can become an american citizen by birth or naturalization?
a. 14th amendment.
the legislativ ebranch ca ncheck the judicial branch by its power to
b. remove judges through impeachment.
individual rights were included in the constitution becuase
b. the people demanded a listing of rights.
the state party organizations
a. are generally loosely tied t othe national committee.
the national chairsperson of a major political party
c. manges the party's headquarters.
the law making function of congress is central to democracy because
d. it is the means b which the publice will becomes publice policy.
which of the following statements is NOT true of parliamentary governemt?
b. the legislature is subject t othe direct control of the executive.
which of the following is NOT one of ther three main elements of the major parties in terms of the roles of their members>
c. the party media consultants.
an arhument for government control of assemblies involves the
b.duty of government to protect the public.
changes to the constitution by means other than formal amendment
d. result from the daily experiences of government.
a states presidential electors are chosen by
c. popular vote.
with ----, the federal gov. hopes to overcomeeffects of past discrimination.
a. affirmative action.
in congress, screening bills for floor consideration is a major duty of
a. committee members.
which of the following nonlegislative powers may be exercised solely by th senate?
c. the power to approve or reject major presidential appointments.
the hiouse may refuse to seat a member-elect only if he or she
c. does not meet constitutional standards of age, citizenship, and residency.
which of the following is NOTa major function of either of the two major parties in the U.S?
d. to unite people and concentrate solely on one public policy matter.
the most widely supported plan for refoem of the electoral college is the
c. direct popular election plan.
which of the following powers could congress use to help protect american car makers from foreign competition?
d. the power to tax.
which of the following is a sign of weakended political parties?
a. split-ticket voting.
the judiciary act of 1789 was an example of
b. congressional change to the constitution .
the major importance of the 12th amendment is that it
b. eliminated the possibilty of a tie for presidency.
the powers of congress are affected by all of the following EXCEPT what the
c. states' consitutions say congress may do.
which of the following was formally amended to the constitution?
b. prohibition of alcoholic beverages.
which of the following is a statement of FACT about american society?
c. the population of the united states is predominatly white.
in which country can the executive branch be forced from office for failing to win the legislature's support on a major issue?
d. india.
the current trend, in supreme court rulings and some states, is----affirmative action.
a. away from.
little known candidates are at a greater disadvantage then ever because
b. state primaries occur to close together to gain name and recognition and raise money between contests.
once ratified, a constitutional amendment may only be changed by
a. another amendment.
a president may need to produce evidence of his ability to perform the powers and duties of his office in th event that
a. the vice president and a majority of the cabinet challenge this ability.
inability t oresolve confilcts can be a characteristic of a
c. presidential government.
the problem with the results of the election of 1796 was that
c. the president and vice president were from opposing parties.
affirmative action programs would no longer be needed in a society in which
b. no one alive has experienced past discrimination.
an action by a public official or agency that violates an unwritten custom
c. both a and b.
the strict constructionists agreed with the liberal constructionists in the areas of
d. both b and c.
democracy's belief in the worth of the individual is indirectly reflected in the
c. free enterprise systems.
the fact that the senate has been called into special session 46 times, while the house has never been called into special session is a reflection of
b. special powers the constitution grants only to the senate.
much of the discrimination agaisnt asian americans in the mis-1800s can be traced to
a. competition for jobs.
shhould the "winner take all" flaw of the electoral college become a recurring problem, it would likely cause
a. a drop in voter turnout.
begining with the civil war,----- shifted their support to the republican party.
c. farmers.
all of the following are possible reasons why the senate is called the "upper house" EXCEPT
a. its size.
a major party might support a minor party candidate for president if
b. the minoe party candidate is likely to draw votes from the oppostion.
during the era of the democrats that lasted from 1800 to 1860, it can be assumed that most americans favored
. a government that favored the "common people".
the framers based their decision to deny the states the currency power on
a. their experiances un der the articles of confederation.
"president clinton was convicted of charges of perjury and obtruction od justice in 1999." this statement is
b. false.
"promote the general welfare" really means that
a. the government is a servant to its citizens.
the supreme court has held that the key factor in determining whether or not released tinme programs are constitutional is
c. where thoe programs are held.
if the winner of the popular vote does not win presidency,
b the will of the people has been subverted.
the text states that those who claimed to be the victims of housing discrimination were left to enforce the civil rights act of 1968. they would probably have gone about doing this through
d. the courts.
in which of the following ways might the federal government use its taxing poer to help reverse an economic downturn?
b. raising the tax in imports.
the reason the woman who wrote the declaration of sentiments in 1848 deliberatley paraphrased the decloration of independence was
c. to point out that woman had beem excluded from the rights set forth in the declaration of independence.
if the main term associated with the supreme courts is "constitution", then the main term associated with political parties is
c. "elections."
which of the following statements about constutiional change is TRUE?
c.every branch of gov. has had some effect on the constution.
the only time both parties have a strong leader at the same time is
c. when the party's presidential candidate has been chosen but before the election takes place.
if a party has been losing support nationally, it may depend heavily on the ----- to begin to reverse that trend.
b. national convention.
gov. that encouraged religion in the U.S.in all of the following ways EXCEPT
a. by allowing the establisment of a national religion.
if you live under a democratic gov. that conducts it's own foreign and domestic policies, in an area with territory of 50 square miles and population of 50,000, that area qualifies as a
b. state.
the fact that the members of congress are not a represantative cross section of the american public might be due to all of the following EXCEPT
d. voter eligibilty requirements that are difficult to meet.
while those who ote a straight-party ticket would likely prefer their senators and representative to vote as -----, independents would no doubt prefer-----.
a. partisans/trustees.
if a republican presidantial candidate from the south is considered un supportive of woman's rights. he might "balance the ticket" by choosing------ as running mate.
a. a woman.
which of the following is NOT a reason why the united states has a two-party systems?
b. because the two-party system is established in the constitution.
all of the following contributed to the growth of national power EXCEPT
d. the bills of rights.
the amount of business that congress must handle has the side effect of
a. lessening the likelihood of a special session.
which of the six basic principles of the constution can be diluted when the president and a majority of the members of congress are of the same politcal party?
a. seperstion of powers.
the term of congress has remained the same since 1789, but
b. the length of its session has grown.
to eliminate the problem of gerryimandering, congress could
...c. require a bipartisan panel elected by the people of the state to draw congressional districts.
would the law prohibiting african amereicans from sitting in the front of a public buse have passed the rational basis test? the strict scrutiny test?
c. iw ould not have passed either test.
by making it illegal for undocumented aliens to claim social security or welfarw benefits, congress tried to
d. all of the above.
the party tends to lose seats on off-year elections because
d. both b and c
which of the following would be MOST threatened by social conntract theory?
b. divine right advocates.
picketing is protected by the 1st and 14th amendments if it is
b. peaceful.
the nation "played with fate" for nearly 180 years because
c. no constiutional or congressional provision defined presidential disibilty.
all of the following contributed to today's presidential selection sysytem EXCEPT
d. the 25th amendment.
typically, the wrench in the gears of the electoral college that causes the election to be thrown into the house is
c. a strong minor party candidate.
which of the following would NOT happen in free enterprise system?
d. the gov. orders K.P & Co. to produce 30 million metric tons of steel per year.
both major parties try to
d. appeal to as many voters as possible.
the fact that alaska has only one seat in the house is a reflection of all the following EXCEPT
a. its geographic size.
one of the key factors resulting in the difference between the supreme courtsa ruling on japanese internment in 1944 and the federal gov.'s action in 1988 may well have been
a. on decision was made during the war and the other long after the war had ended.
if inflamamtion is low, jobs are plentiful, and republicans and domcrats each enjoy strong support. which type of minor party would be LEAST likely to attact voters?
a. economic protest parties.