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a list of time expressions used in reported speech. These flashcards are based on the examples on this website below. http://www.edufind.com/english/grammar/rep3.cfm

[Today] ...
"I saw him today", she said.

[That day] ...
She said that she had seen him that day.

[Yesterday] ...
"I saw him yesterday", she said.

[The day before] ...
She said that she had seen him the day before.

[The day before yesterday] ...
"I met her the day before yesterday", he said.

[two days before] ...
He said that he had met her two days before.

[tomorrow] ...
"We'll come the day after tomorrow", they said.

[the next day, the following day] ...
He said that he would see me the next day.

[the day after tomorrow] ...
"We'll come the day after tomorrow", they said.

[in two days time, two days later] ...
They said that they would come in two days time.

[Next week/month/year] ...
"I have an appointment next week", she said.

[the following week/month/year] ...
She said that she had an appointment the following week.

[Last week/month/year] ...
"I was on holiday last week", he told us.

[the previous week/month/year] ...
He told us that he had been on holiday the previous week.

[ago] ...
"I saw her a week ago," he said.

[before] ...
He said he had seen her a week before.

[this (for time)] ...
"I'm getting a new car this week", she said.

[that] ...
She said she was getting a new car that week.

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