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English 9A Lesson 1 Most Dangerous Game

Man against man.
What is the main conflict in this story?
The plot moves quickly because of
Rainsford falls overboard into the Caribbean.
What event initiates the rising action in the plot?
the world is made up of hunters and hunted.
During his discussion with Whitney, Rainsford says
considerate host.
When they first meet, Rainsford thinks General Zaroff is a
the ability to reason.
General Zaroff has become bored with hunting and has realized that he needs an animal who has both instinct and
reacts with shock and horror.
Once Rainsford learns that Zaroff hunts human beings, Rainsford
hunter : murderer
Complete the following analogy: Rainsford : General Zaroff
Rainsford surprises General Zaroff and wins the hunt.
At the end of the story,
Zaroff describes himself as civilized.
One example of irony in the story occurs when