English 9A Lesson 1 Blues Ain't No Mockin' Bird

"Go tell that man we ain't a bunch of trees."
What is the first sign of conflict in the story?
"I could see Cathy actress was very likely to just walk away..."
Which of the following quotes illustrates the narrator's unusual characterization of Cathy?
She wants her privacy respected.
What does Granny's reaction to Mrs. Cooper and Mr. Judson imply?
How does the narrator feel toward Cathy?
She is no longer ready to pack up and move on, she has returned to her usual self, and she is pleased with Granddaddy's interest in pleasing her.
What does the tone of Granny's humming indicate at the end of the story?
Turning an injustice into fairness.
Cathy says she'll write a story some day about the proper use of the hammer. What will the story be about?
depicted the Cains as a crazy old couple, and failed to understand their anger at having their privacy invaded.
If the story had been told from Camera's point of view, he might have (2 things)