Standard Grade Computing Graphics

This graphics operation can increase or decrease the size of an image by ENLARGING or REDUCING
this graphics operation can be used to remove part of an image by trimming the horizontal or vertical edge
this graphics operation can turn an image through an angle
This reflects a graphic on an axis of symmetry such as Vertically or Horizontally
What is a Graphics package
A GPP used to produce pictures
Name 2 types of graphic software
what are graphics made up of?
Tiny dots called pixels which comes form the words
Picture Element
High Resolution graphics
made up from a large number of small pixels
Gives good quality graphics with loads of detail
Low resolution graphics
made up from a small number of pixels
Gives poor quality graphics with little detail
How do Painting graphics work
Store the graphic by storing a code for the colour of each pixel that makes up the graphic
Name 3 tools in a painting package that allow the individual pixels to be changed
How do drawing graphics work
Store the graphics as a list of objects ( shapes) that make up the graphic
What are ATTRIBUTES of a drawing object
Features which can be altered such as line thickness, line color, fill colour
apparent movement acheived by showing a sequence of still frames
Where is animation used
in video games, screen savers
A devise that digitizes graphics so that they can be stored and edited on a computer
Name two factors that affect the quality of and image
bit depth
How is resolution measured
dpi = dots per square inch
Resolution is a measure of how many pixels there are in an image
What is a depth bit an indicator od
How many colurs can be represented
How many colours does a 24 bit scanner have
32 bit
over 16 million
over 4 billion