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Barrons flashcards 73-76

73-Battle of Bunker Hill

-Bunker Hill was an American post overlooking Boston; the stronghold allowed Americans to contain General Gage and his troops.
-Colonists twice turned back a British frontal assault; held off British untilBunker Hill force ran out of ammunition and was overrun.
-American's strong defince led to strengthened morale
-June 17, 1775

74-Common Sense

-Pamphlet published by Thomas Paine calling for immediate independence from Britain.
-Widely sold and carried favor in the colonies.
-Weakened resistance in the Continental Congress toward independence.
-January, 1776

75-Lee's Resolutions

-Presented to 2nd Continental Congress by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia
-Urged Congress to declare independence; accepted July 2, 1776
-Said, "That these United Colonies ar, and of right ought to be, free and independent States."

76-Declaration of Independence

-Document restating political ideas justifying separation from Britain.
-Jefferson and Committee had the duty of drafting for the Continental Congress.
-Locke's inluences served as a foundation for the document.
-The final product lacked provisions condemning British slave trade and a denunciation of the British people earlier drafts had.
July 4, 1776

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