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  1. natural resources
  2. ocean currents
  3. ecosystems
  4. environment
  5. mild effect
  1. a large streams of surface seawater
  2. b large bodies of water that have an impact on temperature making it milder
  3. c the land, water, climate, plants and animals of an area
  4. d any material in nature that people use and value
  5. e a group of plants and animals that depend on each others survival

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  1. a region's average weather conditions over a long period of time
  2. species that dies out
  3. the short term changes in the air for a given place and time
  4. a renewable energy source
  5. lack of water for plant growth

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  1. deforestationlack of water for plant growth


  2. fossil fuelsnon renewable resources that formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals


  3. Prevailing windsareas of tall grasses with scattered trees and shrubs


  4. Petroleuma non renewable energy source


  5. savannasareas of tall grasses with scattered trees and shrubs