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  1. Modern Standard for PJ: Purposeful Availment
  2. Consent: Implied Consent (Hess v. Pawloski
  3. Modern Standard for PJ: SOC - O'Connor Decision in Asahi (Four in Support)
  4. Consent: Appointed Agent for Service
  5. Modern Standard for PJ: SOC - White Decision in Asahi
  1. a Can be satisfied by doing business in the forum. Such efforts suffice as sufficent to put such a D on notice that it is subject to suit there
  2. b if there are over 100,000 units in the SOC than Minimum contacts is met.
  3. c Placing a product in SOC is insufficient for minimum contacts.
  4. d D, a non resident gets into an accident with P when driving in P's state. State statute says D, by driving on state roads, gave implied consent to be served through a third party in state.
  5. e D has appointed an agent for service within the jurisdiciton of the court

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  1. Resolves dispute about the property
  2. Left off pg. 4 of outline
  3. Minimum Contacts
  4. 1) Burden on D 2) Forum's interest in adjudicating the dispute 3) P's interest in obtaining relief 4) Interstate judicial system's interest in resolving disputes efficiently 5) Interest of all the states in furthering social policies
  5. Dispute is unrelated to the property. The property is attached to assert the court's jurisdiction over the property. *must be attached at the outset (Pennoyer)

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  1. Modern Standard for PJ: Purposeful Availment AddedWorld Wide Volkswagen - D must purposefully avail himself to benefits of the forum


  2. PJ - In personamJurisdiction over property. Can have constructive service


  3. Modern Standard for PJ: SOC - Brennan Decision in Asahi (Four in Support)Putting product in SOC with expectation it may be sold in forum establishes minimum contact. Even indirect efforts to market in forum establish min. contacts


  4. PJ - In remJurisdiction over property. Can have constructive service


  5. Original Standard for PJ: Presence Standard of PJ (Pennlyer v. Neff)1. If D is present in state or wons property in state, state has PJ 2. State can't exercise jurisdicion over persons or property outside of its territory 3. State must ahve jursidiction at the outset 4. Judement void if court doesn't have jurisdiction