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Who did Tex Schramm originally try to make Cheerleaders in 1960?
Professional models
What was the name of the original Cheerleading team?
CowBelles and Beaux
When were the CowBelles and Beaux ushered in?
Who were the CowBelles and Beaux directed by?
Dee Brock
Who made up the CowBelles and Beaux?
Highschool students from the DFW metroplex
When were the first official DCC auditions?
Who did Dee Brock hire to judge the first auditions?
Texie Waterman
Who was the first DCC Choreographer?
Texie Waterman
How many girls showed up to the first auditions?
How many girls were taken into training camp for the 1972 season?
Who was the first Director of the DCC?
Suzanne Mitchell (Tex's secretary)
When did Suzanne Mitchell become the first DCC director?
When did Texie Waterman retire?
Early 1980's
Who was Texie Waterman's choreography successor?
Shannon Baker Werthmann
When were the DCC "discovered?"
Super Bowl X in 1976
What TV show special did the DCC have in 1978?
MNF "The 36 Most Beautiful Girls in Texas" on ABC
When was the DCC movie aired by Hollywood?
When was DCC II the movie released?
What is the Show Group's musical variety show?
America & Her Music
Where/When was the first USO tour?
1979 in Korea
Through 2013, how many USO performances have there been?
How long is the Show Group Variety Show?
1 hour
What award did the USO present the DCC with in 1991?
50th Anniversary Award
What award did the America's Armed Forces present the DCC with in 1997?
Spirit of Hope Award
What award did the Veterans of Foreign Wars present the DCC with in 2002?
Hall of Fame Award
What award did the American Legion present the DCC with in 2013?
The Distinguished Service Medal
What is the typical age range of the DCC?
Who designed the original DCC Uniform?
Paula Van Waggoner
How many modifications have been made to the uniform since its introduction?
When was the uniform introduced?
Who was the original tailor?
Ms. Leveta Crager
Who is the current tailor?
Ms. Lisa Dobson
How many stars are on the uniform?
When did Kelli Finglass become director?
What other positions has she had with the DCC?
1 yr in Cowboys' Sales and Promotions Dept.
1 yr as Assistant Director
How many years did Kelli cheer?
What years did Kelli cheer?
When did Kitty Carter cheer?
How many years did Judy cheer?
What years did Judy cheer?
How many years was Judy Assistant Choreographer?
When did Judy become Head Choreographer?
What is the name of the CMT show?
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
How many different calendar products do the DCC have?
When was the pinky ring introduced?
What is on the side of the pinky ring?
A dove
When does a DCC receive her pinky ring?
At the end of her tenure as a DCC