30 terms

Ch. 5 Psych Test

Sleep Apnea
Breathing interruption that occurs during sleep
Stimulant used to help people stay awake and reduce appetite
Circadian Rhythm
Biological clock
perception of an object or a sound that seems real but is not
Rapid Eye movement
Stage of sleep in which we have the most vivid dreams
Sleep problem in which people suddenly fall asleep no matter what time it is
False idea of something that seems real
A herd state of consciousness
state of awareness in which a person's sense of self or of the world alters
Removal of poisonous substance from the body
system that feeds back information about something happening in the body
Consciousness is considered a psychological _______ because we can not see,touch or measure it directly
During a typical eight hours of sleep, most people go through _________ sleep cycles
Difficulty falling asleep is called ________
During _________, some people narrow their consciousness by focusing on a peaceful, repetitive pattern
Ideas that a person is not aware of, but which can be recalled, are on the ________ level
The four different kinds a brain-wave patterns are ______ waves, ______ waves, ______waves, and _________ waves
beta, alpha, theta, and delta
______ are similar to, but more severe to, nightmares
Night Terrors
After taking certain drugs for a while, a person shows signs of ____________ when the body craves the drug just to feel normal
A therapist mat hypnotize a patient and offer __________ to help the patient quit a habit such as smoking or overeating
posthypnotic suggestion
_______ are drugs that slow the activity of the nervous system
_______ are drugs that speed up the nervous system
Nonsmokers are at a risk of getting lung cancer or breathing problems when exposed to __________
Secondhand Smoke
Overdoses of crack and other forms of cocaine can be fatal because of the strain they place on the ___________
The type of consciousness we experience when we are conscious of external sensations is known as ___________
sensory awareness
Many of our basic biological functions, such as breathing, exist at the ______________
nonconscious level
Sleep and meditation are examples of _________
altered states of consciousness
Sleep researchers define our sleep stages in terms of
brain wave patterns
Slurred speech, blurred vision, and impaired judgment are the results of ____________
Morphine and heroin are addictive depressants known as __________
Marijuana is an example of a __________