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  1. drive-reduction theory
  2. psychosexual stages
  3. preconscious
  4. primary drive
  5. drive
  1. a material that can be easily brought into awareness
  2. b personality formed during first few years of life' id's pleasure seeking energies focus on pleasure sensitive body areas called erogenous zones
  3. c state of bodily tension that motivates an organism to satisfy the need
  4. d arise from basic biological needs
  5. e we have biological needs that demand satisfaction

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  1. physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness/love needs, esteem needs, self-actualization needs, self-transcendence needs
  2. anger, fear, disgust, sadness, happiness, surprise
  3. individual faced with anxiety retreats to a more infantile psychosexual stage, where some psychic energy remains fixed (woman returns home after fight with husband)
  4. holds repressed memories and emotions and the id's instinctive drives
  5. shifting sexual or aggressive impulses toward a more acceptable or less threatening object or person (anger towards boss redirected at wife)

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  1. denialstate of bodily tension that motivates an organism to satisfy the need


  2. arousal theorysuggests our physiology and cognitions create emotions; two ingredients: physical arousal & cognitive label


  3. secondary drivelearned or acquired through experience


  4. needstate of deprivation/deficiency


  5. lateral hypothalamus vs. ventromedial hypothalamusbelief that mimicking facial movements will induce an emotion