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  1. drive-reduction theory
  2. two-factor theory
  3. rationalization
  4. latent stage
  5. secondary drive
  1. a learned or acquired through experience
  2. b sexual impulses remain dormant
  3. c we have biological needs that demand satisfaction
  4. d suggests our physiology and cognitions create emotions; two ingredients: physical arousal & cognitive label
  5. e self-justifying explanations in place of real; more threatening unconscious reasons for ones actions

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  1. theory or personality, attributing thoughts and actions to unconscious motives & conflicts & associated treatments
  2. shifting sexual or aggressive impulses toward a more acceptable or less threatening object or person (anger towards boss redirected at wife)
  3. expressing sexual or aggressive impulses through indirect, socially acceptable ones (man with strong sexual urges paints nude pictures)
  4. Freud asked patients to say whatever came to their minds to tap the unconscious
  5. tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state

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  1. denialrefusing to acknowledge a threatening impulse or drive (substance abusers admitting they have a problem)


  2. anal stagebirth to 12-18 months
    ez: mouth


  3. facial feedback hypothesisemotion triggering stimulus and the body's arousal take place simultaneously


  4. repressionbanishes anxiety thoughts from consciousness


  5. needlargely conscious executive part of personality; mediates
    reality principle: delays action until practical/appropriate