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  1. reaction formation
  2. james-lange theory
  3. motivational concepts
  4. conscious
  5. rationalization
  1. a everything you are aware of at a given moment including thoughts, perceptions, feelings, memories
  2. b instinct theory, drive-reduction theory, arousal theory, hierarchy of needs
  3. c people may express feelings that are the opposite of the anxiety-arousing unconscious feelings
  4. d self-justifying explanations in place of real; more threatening unconscious reasons for ones actions
  5. e proposes that the physiological responses come first, followed by emotion (follow bodily reactions, feel afraid b/c of rapid heart beat)

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  1. where our needs push, incentives pull us in reducing or drives
  2. state of bodily tension that motivates an organism to satisfy the need
  3. people disguise their own threatening impulse by attributing them to others
  4. complex behaviors that have fixed, inborn patterns of responses that are specific to members of a particular species
  5. banishes anxiety thoughts from consciousness

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  1. facial feedback hypothesisbelief that mimicking facial movements will induce an emotion


  2. emotionsneed or desire that energizes behavior * directs it towards a goal


  3. superegolargely conscious executive part of personality; mediates
    reality principle: delays action until practical/appropriate


  4. regressionindividual faced with anxiety retreats to a more infantile psychosexual stage, where some psychic energy remains fixed (woman returns home after fight with husband)


  5. arousal theoryemotion triggering stimulus and the body's arousal take place simultaneously


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