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Behviors, such as drug abuse, that leads to brain damage is most likely to be indicated

only on axis 1

damage to the ______ lobes of the brain is most associated with memory loss; damage to the ______ lobes of the brain is most associated with passivity or impulsiveness

temporal; frontal

late onset Alzheimer'ss disease has been linked to a gene on chromosome


which is a good example of a person with an impairment of orientation?

Marlon, who is not sure where he is or what month or year it is

When a closed-head injury occurs

the damage is a result of the brain colliding with the skull

most cases of early-onset Alzheimer's disease appear to be caused by

one of several rare genetic mutations

what type of drugs are most likely to be used to inhibit the progression of Alzheimers?

cholinesterase inhibitors

the only neuropsychological syndrome for which antiviral therapy is likley to be helpful is

AIDS related dimensia

the occurence of which after a head injury suggests poor prognosis

anterograde amnesia

the most promising development in the treatment of Alzheimer's involves

vaccines that might clear away any accumulated plagues

compared to enuresis, encorpresis is

diagnosed at an earlier age

the development of conduct disorder in adolescence

is not associated with lasting behavioral problems

autism is similar to schizophrenia in its

impact on multiple functions

Asperger's disorder is

similar to but less severe than autism

Studies of the effectiveness of antidepressant medication with children have

produced inconsistent results

Suddenly, Lavinia is unable to remember what she was doing...


After being hit on the head, Bob experienced some retrograde amnesia...

did not know what happened

the hallmark symptom of autism is

lack of interest in other people

the text presented a case study of a retired man who was hospitalized by his wife and son...

he had good memory for remote events but not memory for events that just occured

attention deficit hyperactivity is characterized by

difficulties that interfere with effective task oriented behavior

damage to the temporal lobes of the brain is most likely to result in


a hypothetical drug might improve cognitive functioning of Alzheimer's patients would probably

increase levels of acetylcholine

Major brain damages

sometimes cause minor changes and sometimes major ones

consistent with its established role in memory, neurons in the ______ suffer much damage in Alzheimer's


which of the following statements about the brain is true

the skull is designed to support as much as two tons of weight

the most common cause of dementia is

degenerative brain disease

which of the following is a risk for developing Alzheimer's

being a woman

early onset alzheimer's affects people in their


Delirium has a ______ onset and dementia has a _______ onset

rapid onset; gradual onset

mild brain injuries

usually produce long term, minor problems, particularly in older people

the most common cause of traumatic brain injury is

motor vehicle accidents

delirium is thought to be more common in the elderly due to

normal age-related changes in the brain

It has been observed that if a woman gives birth to a child with Down Syndrome before the age of 35 she has an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's. Which best explains this observation

a genetic mutation that increases the susceptibility to Alzheimer's also increases the likelihood of passing chromosomal abnormalities

focal brain damage is most likely to be a consequence of


the damage that might be caused to the brain by a violent roller coaster is similar to that seen with

a closed head injury


is usually reversible

you are convinced that your grandmother has Alzheimer's. How can your doctor confirm your diagnosis?

by ruling out all other potential causes of dementia

If the cause of dementia is organic, this will be referenced on _______. If the cause stems from self-inflicting brain damage this will be referenced on ______

Axis 1 and Axis 3; axis 1

Treatment of ADHD with drugs such as ritalin is thought to be effective as it

increases the ability to concentrate

when symptoms of mental retardatino are not apparent until after the age of 17

the diagnosis would be dementia; not mental retardation

what is the relationship between oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder

virtually all children who develop conduct disorder have oppositional defiant disorder first

sudies of the effectiveness of antidepressant medication with children have

produced inconsistent results


is the most frequent psychological referral to mental health facilities

Micocephaly and macrocephaly have what in common

they involve alterations in head size and shape

cross cultural studies of tics find that

the average age of tic onset appears to be universal

currently, the cause of ADHD is believed to be

both biological and psychological factors

shortly after birth, Darren's head began to grow. at age 5, a shunt was placed in his skull to drain fluid...


______ is to antisocial personality disorder as ______ is to conduct disorder

conduct disorder; ODD

in order for a diagnosis of Alzheimer's to be definitively made

brain tissue must be examined

the terms function and organic are no longer found in the DSM. Functional was previously used to indicate a _____ origin while organic was used to refer to brain damage with a _______ cause

psychological, biological

the neuropathology in AIDS-related dementia

includes generalized atrophy in the brain

which is the most typical example of the onset of Alzheimer's

when Yula's dementia became obvious, her family looked back back on her behavior and realized that she had been exhibiting memory deficits

Which statement about separation anxiety disorders is accurate

the child with separation anxiety is likely to be immature and lack self-confidence

Jenny has an IQ in the average range. How, at school she is doing very badly...

most likely has a learning disbility

delirium is to dementia as _____ is to _____


an asymmetry in brain development has been hypothesized to be a cause of

learning disabilities

vascular dementia

is a result of many small strokes

as children with ADHD become adolescents and adults

many continue to experience symptoms

Artiss developed conduct disorder early. Bestram developed conduct disorder late. This suggests that

Artiss will have a higher likelihood of adult antisocial personality disorder

We are likley to find that most of the children with autistic disorder

were identified as having the disorder before they were three years old

what was the greatest problem that emerged as classification system for childhood disorders was being developed

the same classification system that had been developed for adults was used for children

drugs used to treat enuresis are thought to

decrease the deepest stage of sleep

which of the following has been associated with autism

fragile x syndrome

what has been found to be the most effective approach to the treatment of enuresis

conditioning procedures

research suggests that the use of ______ may decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer's Disease


mild to moderate diffuse brain damage is most likely to result in

attention deficits

which of the following would someone with amnestic syndrome not be able to do

tell you who they met 5 minutes ago

it has been suggested that the symptoms seen in autism might reflect a problem with the function of the


evidence that culture plays a role in the development of childhood anxiety comes from the fact that

children from cultures that favor inhibition and compliance report more fears

as a camp counselor you are surprised when you hear that one of your young campers takes hormone replacement drug intransasally to treat a psychological disorder. The disorder is most likely


the effects of head trauma on memory suggest that

the process of memory consolidation can be interrupted

dementia in HIV

might be due to the HIV virus directly attacking brain cells

which of the following is probably the most iportant factor in determining the functioning of a child who undergoes significant traumatic brain injury

competencies acquired before the injury

early onset Alzheimer's disease differs from the other late-onset form in that

the progression of the disease is more rapid

favorable outcomes following a traumatic brain injury are associated with all of the following except

being young

a bullet is most likely to cause

a penetrating head injury

A physical condition that leads to dementia is likely to reference

on both Axis 1 and Axis 3

a person who has experienced destruction of brain tissue may have widespread or limited behavioral deficits. the outcome depends opon all of the following except

whether the person is male or female

a person with neuropsychological damage

will no usually show manifest signs of psychopathology such as panic attack or delusions

how does vascular dementia differ from Ahlzeimer's disease?

accompanying mood disorders are more common

jerry had a stroke several months ago. Among the changes his family has noticed that he now blows up over little things, cries over minor problems and laughs at anything, no matter how silly. Jerry is showing

impairment of affective modulation

After the car accident, Sherry was unable to remember what happened from the time of the crash until the following morning. Sherry appears to have experience

anterograde amnesia

which of the following is not a subtype of ADHD found in the DSM-IV-TR

inattentive/impulsive type

individulas with down syndrome typically show which of the followin characteristics

they have large tongues and short fingers

a learning disability usually is identified

because a child shows a disparity between their actual academic achievement and their expected academic achievement

the incidence of Down Syndrome increase

as the age of the parents increases

children born with phenylketonuria

appear normal

the failies of children with conduct disorders typically

involve rejection and neglect

_____ are a group of severely disabling conditions in children that are considered to be the result of structural differences in the brain and usually apparent at birth or as the child begins to develop

pervasive deveopmental disorders

phenylketonuria can be used to illustrate

how nature and nurture interact

the extent of the deficits seen after brain damage are determined in part

how one is functioning before the damage occurs

Emotional dyscontrol and personality alterations are expected with

frontal lobe damage

before the accident, Bob was unemplyed and had few friends. lionel, who suffered comparable head trauma...

lionel, because he is most likely to be motivated to recover

it is important that mental health professionals have an understanding of the effects of brain damage because

brain damage can result in symptoms that look like psychological conditions

which of the following is true concerning sleepwalking disorder

takes place during non REM sleep

it is important to do a thorough physical examination, to rule out problems, before diagnosing encopresis because these children often

suffer from constipation

which of the following is most likely to be characterisitc of a physically aggressive Alzheimer's Disease patient

delusions of persecution

historically, why has little attention been paid to childhood psychopathology

childhood disorders were viewed as childhood versions of adult disorders

which of the following best explains why mood disorders are more characteristic of vascular dementia (VAD) than of Alzheimer's disease

subcortical areas are more affected in VAD

the protein called tau

caused by amyloid in the brain and is a sign that Alzheimer's disease is progressing

in order to make a diagnosis of selective mutism

the child must know the language

children with ADHD that have symptoms of hyperactivity

are usually viewed negatively by their peers because of their behaviors

Justine has the ability to speak and knows the language. However, for more than six months she has refused to speak to her teacher of any adult other than her parents. The best diagnosis for Justine is probably

selective mutism

divorce, hostility, and lack of monitoring are family characteristics most closely associated with

conduct disorder

drug treatment for autistic disorder has been found to be

of some value in reducing aggressive behaviors

which of the following is most likely to be characteristic of a physically aggressive Alzheimer's disease patient?

delusions of persecution

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

is the most frequent psychological referral to mental health facilities

the case of Phineas Gage demonstrates

the role of the brain in determining personality

the most widely known and studied learning disorder is


anxiety disorders of childhood

typically do not lead to problems later in life

caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease

are at extraordinarily high risk for depression

the most effective medical treatment for Tourette's syndrome is

neuroleptics such as haloperidol

a crucial aspect of developmental psychopathology is understanding individual maladaptation

in the context of normal developmental changes

ruth experienced a stroke that severly damaged her occipital lobe. We can expect that she has an impairment in her ability to

understand what she sees

what types of delusions are most commonly seen in Alzheimer's disease

delusions of persecution

in order of diagnosis, _____ occurs before antisocial personality disoder just as _____ occurs before conduct disorder

conduct disorder; ODD

What is the advantage of using Pemoline to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder instead of Ritalin

pemoline has fewer side effects

Ron works as a custodian's helper at a school, under supervision of the custodian. Ron can read and write his name, and can read first-grade books. He moves slowly and sometimes with difficulty. Ron most likely has

moderate mental retardation

which of the following is associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease

giving birth to a child with Down Syndrome before age 35

Phineas Gage had a

penetrating head injury

the best avenue of research for effective treatment of Alzheimer's disease involves

prevention or treatment at the first sign of illness because lost neurons cannot be regained

children with separation anxiety disorder

fear separation from major attachment figures and worry they will die once it happens

genetic factors

are clearly involved in the more severe forms of retardation

what complicates the diagnosis of maladaptive behavior in childhood

behavior that is problematic for a child of one age is normal behavior for a child of a different age

george is in second grade and is having trouble. He frequently is out of his seat, looking at the work of other students and annoying them by making comments. He interrupts the teacher, blurts out answers before she finishes the question, and usually needs directions repeated multiple times. At home, his mother says he is always "on the go." The most likely diagnosis for George is

attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

girls with conduct disorder

are at risk for teen pregnancy

all of the following are symptoms of Tourette's syndrome except


children with autism often have additional problems such as

encopresis and sleep problems

which of the following is a possible explanation for the seeming lack of emotion in autistic children

they have a lack of social understanding

Brad has been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). The disorder began around age 12 and is characterized by disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures. What aspect of this case is unusual?

it is unusual for the onset of OD to ooccur at age 12

which of the following is most likely to be used in the treatment of selective mutism

family therapy

childhood anxiety disorders are associated with each of the following factors except

a deficit in conditionability to aversive stimuli

the particular disease that most commonly causes dementia is

Alzheimer's disease

which of the following is not a subtype of ADHD found in the DSM-IV-TR

degenerative brain disease

with respect to how he or she functions in relationships, an individual with mild mental retardation is most comparable to

an adolescent

what is the self-perpetuating cycle in conduct disorder

a genetic predisposition leads to a low IQ and difficult temperament, which leads to poor parenting and an insecure attachment, which leads to conduct disorder

research on the effects of parental depression

suggests that parental psychopathology leads to changes in parenting behavior that has lasting effects on children

anosognosia is an ability to

make realistic self appraisals

which of the following is not listed in the DSM-IV-TR under disorders of infancy, childhood, and adolescence

sleepwalking disorder

the cohesive model is a treatment strategy for the child with conduct disoorder that

proposes that dysfunctional interactions ahve served to maintain the child's problematic behavior

as children with ADHD become adolescents and adults

many continue to experience symptoms

what type of behavioral therapy is most likely to be used in the treatment of child with an anxiety disorder

behavior therapy that includes assertiveness training and desensitization using graded real-life situations

effective treatments for conduct disorder usually involve

parental participation

juliet is a depressed child. When she wins a prize at school for her art project, how is she likely to explain it

i got lucky

which child below best illustrates the typical child with functional encopresis

a 7 year olf boy who soils himself when under stress

the families of children with conduct disorders typically

involve rejection and neglect

the most common childhood anxiety disorder is ______

separation anxiety disorder

the evidence suggests that medications for ADHD

work well for the short term but show little long term effect

separation anxiety disorder is best illustrated by which of the following people

isabella, who worries that her father will die if she is not near him

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