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  1. infused
  2. exalted
  3. misconstrued
  4. appeased
  5. apprehensive
  1. a revered; elevated
  2. b misunderstood; misinterpreted
  3. c to bring to state of calm;, to satisfy;, soothed; pacified
  4. d quick to understand;, fearful or anxious
  5. e to put into or introduce as if by pouring; , filled with

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  1. to reject
  2. kicked out of an area and not allowed to return
  3. brave, courageous
  4. enlarged
  5. something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction; dangerous or risks

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  1. fawnedin a willing manner


  2. barrenunable to bare fruit


  3. valorbrave, courageous


  4. prodigiespeople with significant talent or stability


  5. engenderedto make poisonous