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Benefit for explorers from indians

gold and silver, crops, corn

drawback for explorers

warfare, new diseases

benefits for indians from explorers

new weapons, livestock

drawbacks for indians

new diseases, cities looted

New Spain location

texas, new mexico, s. america, Caribbean, california, florida

New Spain money

sugar, find gold, crops

New France location

Canada, Mississippi R, Louisiana, Detroit

New France money

furs, trading posts

New Netherlands location

Delaware, Connecticut, new york, new jersey

New Netherlands money

fur trade

New Spain peeps

conquistadors, peninsulares, priests, missionaires

New France peeps

trappers, fur hunters, traders, priests, farmers

New Netherlands peeps

merchants, traders, patroons, land owners


increasing exports, decreasing imports, trying to add wealth to treasury for luxury life and navy for king

joint stock company

group of investors who guess and hope for a profit. i.e. Virginia company who brought Jamestown and Plymouth


known as lost colony, organized by sir walter raleigh, run out of supplies, gov. white returns for stuff, comes back and CROATON carved in tree, everyone gone


known as first successful english colony, Ctn. John Smith saved everyone by bartering with indians, returned to England w/ bullet wound, pocohontas brings corn in spring, ate corpses


pilgrims came over, also known as separatists for religious freedom, during starving time, .5 colony died of scurvy and malnutrition

Mayflower Compact

an agreement signed by men of plymouth that majority rules, and self governed

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