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Civil War Terms Part 2


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Ulysses S. Grant
victorious general of the Union army
Nullifier crisis
foreshadowed the Civil War
George McClellan
former Union general who ran against Lincoln in 1864
Harriet Beecher Stowe
wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Robert E. Lee
General of the Army of Northern Virginia
to leave the Union
John Brown
abolitionist who hoped to lead a slave revolt
Ambrose Burnside
attacked 6 times at the bridge at Antietam
Abraham Lincoln
U.S. President during the Civil War
Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States of America
people in North who supported a peace treaty with the South
the economic result of war
slaves who crossed Union lines when invaded
Popular Sovereignty
voting to decide whether a territory would be slave or free
Free Soilers
people against spread of slavery into new territories
name of the bullet that resulted in so much carnage
Border states
states that Lincoln could not afford to lose to the Confederacy
William T. Sherman
led the March to the Sea and burned Atlanta to the ground
men required by draft to serve as soldiers
extreme loyalty to one's own region
Emancipation Proclamation
freed slaves in rebellion states
Bull Run
first battle of the Civil War
Fort Sumter
the attack that started the Civil War
Harper's Ferry
raided by John Brown in attempt to start a slave rebellion
Fugitive Slave Law
a law Northerners were supposed to enforce by returning runaway slaves
A new Southern nation of states that seceded from the U.S.A.
states' rights
the reason the South argued they could seceded from the U.S. A.
Appommatox Courthouse
where Lee and Grant signed the surrender terms
South Carolina
the first state to secede from the Union
Stonewall Jackson
important Southern general who died after Chancellorsville
Dred Scott
the slave who sued for freedom before the Civil War but lost the case
Republican Party
the party of Abraham Lincoln
a turning point for the North, Lee's last invasion of the North
the bloodiest day of the Civil War
Lincoln's secret weapon

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